Wednesday, May 30

Alabama Wins Another National Championship

Eat It, Florida!

Tide fans pose with their latest N.C. trophy

Finebaum has stated numerous times on his show that 06-07 was a horrendous year for Crimson Tide athletics, but what the hell does he know anyway?

So what the football team ended up with a losing season/fired coach? Nobody cares that the basketball team failed to make the NCAAs, or the baseball team was first to be eliminated from the SEC tournament. Hey, I'm not even worried that Bama's strongest sport, women's gymnastics managed to lower the bar this season.

Have faith, fans of crimson. Because even in these bleak and lowly times, the Tide has risen! Hallelujah!!!

No, I'm not unearthing a "lost ring" or rewriting history, I'm talkin' bout Bama's National Champion Bass Fishing Team! Wooooooooooo!

Team Captian, Hank with more...

"We’re a 16-member bass-fishing club at the University of Alabama. We’re ranked No. 1 in the nation by the Collegiate Bass Anglers of America (CBAA). The award went to the CTBA based on our ranking in two national championships. Our university averaged higher weights of bass in the tournaments than any other university in the nation."

Sheit, yeah! Bama's Back.

I tried to find out more about Bama's best and brightest new student-athletes, but mysteriously, their was precious little information on the internets and message boards. (apparently competitive anglers are extremely secretive) Even the CBAA eluded me:

While the California Bail Agents Association, and the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America are interesting in their own right, they are not the CBAA I was looking for. Even gives no love to their National Champions. Yes, Alabama's official athletics site has a page for homo erotic sports like "Rowing," but nothing for Bass Fishing? WTF?

Are they trying to keep this N.C. a secret? Where's the Tide Pride?

Editors Note: Stay tuned for the debut of the future national champion Crimson Tide Collegiate-Nascar Team. Mal Moore is being promoted to "Crew Chief." Why? He coached with The Bear, asshole. That's why.

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  1. i can't figure out if you're a tide fan or ole miss fan....i hope its the latter ;-)

  2. ahh...has to be ole miss....your favorite song is 'slow dixie'....

    hoddy toddy! my dad is from como. the best thing to come out of alabama is I-20 ;-)

  3. I'm Guilty. I enjoy living in Birmingham though. College Football is certainly a year-round sport here.

    You'll never hear anybody say "Can we please talk about politics, evironmental issues...or ANYTHING other than SEC Football!"

    Nope, never happened.