Thursday, May 3

Talladega Days

God Bless Facebook

Stoner in Georgia sent me an update on how freshman, All-Everything Quarterback Matthew Stafford is taking to off-season life here in the deep south.

As most of us know, half the fun of the big game weekend is the tailgate. But being a key cog in the football action, most football players never get a chance to experience the joys of pre-gaming.

However, Georgia quarterbacks Matt Stafford and Joe Cox have found a new way to bridge that gap. It's called The Spring Race at 'Dega.

Not sure if Coach Richt is going to approve of the keg lifts and 12 ounce curls, but at least the 5-star quarterback can recruit some talent.

Ah, lets all drink some natty and toast the good old days! Well, excluding the picture of Stafford snuggled up with a dude (Joe Cox).

DeepThought: Is Stafford chubby, or just big-boned?

Hot? Sure, but she's no Te-ho

Ah, freshman year life...the wonderment of beer

Calender Shoot: "The Women of Dega" - Auburn fan?

Cox got sacked by a fatty!

"You know how I know you're gay..You spooned a dude at Talladega"

Update: Thanks to a reader from Clemson, we now know that the female in question is an Auburn Fan who is a freshman at Alabama. Odd.


  1. As a Dawg Fan....I'm LMAO. Of course I'm sure Stafford was just working out the Keg & not drinking.

  2. Hey! You gotta be kidding me?! That chick is wearing orange!

  3. Hey, that could be a keg of hard cider. Could.

  4. Imagine Jared Lorenzen, but gay and not as talented. Now open your eyes, who do you see?
    Funny shit, Erik.

  5. ^^^i c your momma haha

  6. At least he didn't drop the keg on her the Gators have been known to do.

  7. Those girls must be hanging with him cause he's a QB. Otherwise, a fat @ss like that wouldn't get the time of day from those chicks!


  9. So what happened to "What happens in the Dega Infield, Stays in the Dega Infield?"

    Must have been one of the Auburn fans who leaked the picts. Argh...

  10. That chick is pretty hot...looks like a hilarious and fun time that hypocrites will try to slander just so they can talk sh*t and feel all high and mighty...well f**k them ...GO DAWGS SIC 'EM!!!!!!!

  11. all of these comments and the pictures prove how sad the South is.

  12. as opposed to any other region in America?

  13. Some ASS is always going to try and rip on the Georgia fan.

  14. Oh, wow. A football player who drinks beer. I am shocked.
    Give the guy a break. He is in college after all.

  15. Ya, this is a bit pathetic on the part of ERICK, haha.

  16. If this young mans future gets sidelined by this, than that is just sad.

  17. So I guess that's it for anonymous comment spam. If you have something real to say, I'd be happy to post it. If you have an issue with me or my site then e-mail me.

    Note: I did not pose for these pictures, take the pictures or put them on the internet in the first place.

  18. But you did rip him for no reason. He's at a race having a little fun. Don't make him a bad guy. He was 18 yrs old and beat Auburn, GT, and Virgina Tech. All top 2 teams. He's a big guy. Always has been. Looks like he's putting on muscle to me. Stafford's girl is better looking that Tebow's atleast.

  19. I mean they were all top 25 teams. Come up with something better than this. He has a life outside of Sanford Stadium. He's a great QB and no one can say otherwise.

  20. Fair enough. I guess you could say I "ripped him," but how did I "make him a bad guy?"

    This site is all about making light of Southern Sports. How is this any different that anything else I've done on this site? Or different than anything a hundred other bloggers do on a daily basis?

    Oh, It was your Quarterback. Not so funny now I guess.

    I'm sure UGA fans never make jokes about "Fat Phil."

    Anyway, from the look of Stafford's pictures, it wouldn't hurt him to get a little "ripped" this summer.

    Put the alleged adult beverage down.

  21. that almost looks like Jenn Sterger pre boob job.

  22. Erik.....excellent post. Just goes to show you that UGAy players dont try to maintain a image off the field. Once a THUG, always a THUG. And as far as you UGAg fans, go pet your nut licking mascot.

  23. If drinking and acting a fool at Talladega makes you a thug, well then consider me and my friends The Miami Hurricanes.

    Disclaimer: This excludes acts of Spoonage.

  24. Submitted this to Deadspin last night and it made the cut, congrats, keep up the good work on this blog!

  25. Uga is like the minor leagues to the NFL. All we produce is pros, and Matt is soon to be the number 1 pick in 09 or 10. Championship!!!

  26. Dwight Schrute1:29 AM, May 07, 2007

    The only time the South is "sad" is when asshole yankees move here.

  27. I'm sure that is just a keg of root beer...

  28. justoneofmyhoes11:35 AM, May 08, 2007

    I cringed when I saw the word THUG being tossed around because I knew that within 2 comments there would be anti-Miami comment dropped.

    Check the police reports and get back to me. You'll see that UThug (Tennessee) is the new Thug U, not the U as most rednecks would like to believe.

    Oh, and I 2nd the earlier question...."what happens at Dega, stays at Dega" I've been out there and it's a hell of a time. Redneck Mardi Gras with a shot of Freaknik on the side. lol

  29. You're right, hoes. Us Rednecks is blind!

    I couldn't tell...

    - Where were the two schools from that were involved in that huge, thuggish fight last season?

    - Where did Michael Irvin go to School?

    - What school has had a player shot and killed in the last year?

    - Whos announcer and former player was fired after he thugged out during the previously mentioned fight?

    - Where did Kellen Winslow Jr go to School?

    - Where do all the NFL types with "attitude problems" go to "train" during the off season?

    - Where did Ray Lewis go to School?

    Sorry, we're too redneck to figure these things out. Enlighten me.

  30. "Some ASS is always going to try and rip on the Georgia fan"

    I think you meant to say "Some Georgia ASS is always going to give you a reason to rip on them.

  31. NOOO...we at ugag don't have an underage alcohol consumption problem...

  32. Number 1 picks don't lose to Vandy and Kentucky.

  33. SIX in a row, Mr. Anonymous. I can smell them NATS a mile away. They're the only ones that use the y and g's after UGA.
    Great post Erik! Good to see the youth of today doing the same things we did when we were young and invincible. No harm, no foul, no DUI's no arrests, no fights, no hospital visits, no alcohol related injuries, violations or deaths. Now the spooning thing....that's just too funny!

  34. hey from what i have seen go on at DEGA the photo could have been much worse. He could have been running around offering Free Mammograms to some toothless hag with saggy boobs in the pictures.

  35. that girl in the picture went to my high school and dated one of my best friends!

  36. Heres a public message to UGA fans: You go to UGA, You Drink, YOU DIE. That is true.

  37. So what is the issue here? A college guy partying with a keg and a hot lady. There is nothing new to see here, move on. If you happen to find this the least bit abnormal, I must humbly ask that you leave your mother's basement and seek out life's greatest offerings a man can have; beer, woman and football. Hallelujah Saturdays!

  38. UGA an NFL minor league, producing nothing but pro's what a joke....Matt Stafford is gonna be the next David Greene, one year and gone.....U(sic)GA is a cesspool of inbred retarded rednecks

  39. Joke? Georgia has the sixth most amount of NFL players in the league right now. More than Florida, Southern Cal, Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, Bama, Virginia Tech, Michigan, and countless other perennial powerhouses. Also, Mel Kiper Jr. claimed that he believes Matthew Stafford to be a first pick caliber NFL prospect, I assume he knows more than you. "Cesspool of inbred retarded rednecks"...? Please never come to our campus, actually please stay out of our state. You are a miserable, ignorant individual.

  40. And Stafford still hasn't lost to a team from your entire state. Life is good indeed.

  41. Matthew looks adorable in these
    pictures, if i have to say so myself, i love his chubbiness.

    and that girl looks like a tag along, just trying to get Matt is
    some kind of trouble.

  42. Top NFL pick my ass. The next time Stafford throws for 300 yards, it would be his first. He's also been held under 100 yards 6 times.

    Real cant miss NFL talent right there.

    UGAy fans live in a dream world

    (In the soup Nazi's voice) No Championship for You!!!

  43. The girl is my sister and my wife. She brung me back a keg, just like she said she would... quite a lil keg fetcher, she shore is!

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  56. "Some ASS is always going to try and rip on the Georgia fan."

    That's because UGA fans are a pain in the ASS. "Sic em" --- as if a fatass bulldog that can barely walk, let alone barely breathe through its smushed-up nose, is anything to be afraid of.

    Roll Tide.