Wednesday, August 9

Behind Every Good Coach, Is a Great Woman

Top Wives of the SEC

We've all seen the Greatest Sports Wives List, and DeepSouthSports is just taking that to the next level. The SEC has always been known as a hotbed for amazing women, but how do the SEC's first ladies stack up?

Here's The DeepSouthSports Top Five:

5. Jeri Spurrier - Yes, it's true. Steve Spurrier married the female version of himself. While a great lady I'm sure, can't you just see her throwing down her headset/visor and chewing out some no talent quarterback?

Plus, she let her husband play golf for a whole year. Major credit.

4. Katharyn Richt - It is clear from this pic that Katharyn is the girl next door type. She complements Mark's already squeaky clean image perfectly. Mrs. Richt reminds me of so many of the girls I grew up with at Evangelical Christian School in Memphis.

I'd be willing to guess that Church, soccer practice, PTA meetings, choir practice, trips to 31 flavors and more Church are all a huge part of everyday life in the Richt household.

Strike me down if Katharyn does not drive a Yukon XL.

3. Shelley Meyer - Urban's most precious recruit (not named Tim Tebow) is seen here attempting to blend in with the Gainesville natives. Shelley tries to win the hearts and minds of the Gator faithful with her cutoff jean skirt and ripped tee shirt.

Sadly, the camera man did not include a shot of Shelley rockin' her white K-Swiss.

Too bad Mrs. Meyer hasn't yet come across a pair of
these babies. They really complete the Gator ensemble.

If Shelley is willing to go to such extreme lengths to support her hubbie and his new friends then I say, "Bravo!" She must really buy into Urban-renewal.

Do you think Urban used one of his patented, Rico Suave
recruiting lines to land a fox like Shelley?

“He told me to look him in the eye and said they wanted me,”

And Justin Houston is only a three star recruit! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Shelley didn't burst into laughter like Justin did.

2. Kelly Orgeron - Who knew? We all knew Ed was a great recruiter of Footballers, but he really out did himself with this one. Where do we start?

First off, congrats to Kelly. She landed the big prize. A millionaire head football coach in the SEC. A man that is assured to stay on top. If not for his feirce defensive prowess, then for his unparalelled recruiting skills.

However, marrying Ed Orgeron is like keeping a rabid Tasmanian Devil as a house pet.

How does she handle everyday life with a man that has drawn justifiable comparisons to
Bill Brasky, Chuck Norris and The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno?

Is she the Ying to his Yang? The Naomi Watts to his King Kong?

Maybe we should try for an interview.

1. Shari Shula - Being the youngest head coach in the SEC has it's privledges. Yeah...and it also doesn't hurt to be the son of the most legendary football coach in NFL history (career or personal-wise).

I could have sworn I heard that Shari was a dancer/cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Mike was the ill fated offensive coordinator, but maybe I made that up.

Mike may not have lasted in Tampa, but this union is sure to go the distance. Yes, Shari has given up her alleged dancing ways and resorted to
baby making.

Poor Mike. To slave away all day as the head man for a powerhouse college football team and come home to this...

Fine, I'll say it...

"Bama's Back, Baby!"

At least when it comes to red hot smokin' wives.

Erik, Tell Them What They Win!

This one's for you Mike and Shari...

Another Steve Perry Classic:

"Oh Shari"


  1. Yeah, about that...I couldn't really find pictures of some folks...ok, I couldn't find a lot of pictures.

  2. AL Borges might not be a headcoach... but his wife might be the hottest coaches wife in the SEC period.

  3. search Nikki Borges in google and then click the images tab, youll get a small cached picture of her...hard to tell but looks promising.

  4. Dont most media guides feature some page with the coach and his family pictured?

    Food for thought...

  5. Shari is scary. Very scary is Shari.

  6. You should check out Tommy Tuberville's wife.

  7. I disagree on the choice of Jeri Spurrier being No. 5. If you had a coach's wife that does all that she does especially for the football family which includes players, coaches, their families and football office staff then she should rate No. 1. She has been the first coach's wife that has been this involved and supportive of the whole aspect of the football program. She is truly a jewel.

  8. While this is coming from an Ole Miss Rebels, all I can say is check out MSU asst. coach Shane Beamers wife.

    New hotness takes on a whole new meaning!

  9. Kelley Orgeron wuz robbed

  10. Here's a link with all AU's coach's & their wives/daughters:

  11. I'm a Bama fan, but I'll be the first to say:

    Kelly >>>>>>> Shari

    But then I prefer the wholesome brunette over the washed out blonde look any time.

  12. "Its" when used as a possessive, has no apostrophe.

  13. I'm an ole miss fan and I think Shari is definitely number one!

  14. I'm an ole miss fan and I think our coach is an embarassment to us and will get us on probation within a year.


  15. Get us on probation...for what? If you are going to make should at least back them up with facts...what a douche bag!

  16. how did Tiger's wife get left off ESPN's list?

  17. The top 3 clearly separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Why are auburn fans whining...Tuberville's wife isn't all that great...middle of the pack at best. I wonder what Saban's wife looks longer SEC, but I'll bet she's a hottie.

  18. A weel crafted list my friend, well crafted.

  19. Quickly learned from looking at that link that "Boges' wife" was said in jest, alot of jest. However, Ensminger's daughters, hubba hubba.

  20. wow, Ed O has done well for himself. Great list.

  21. Stpehen, I agree with you about the QB coach's daughters, then I found out the one on the right is 14. AHHHH!!!

  22. and where is Phil Fulmer's wife? don't tell me she won't FIT on the WorldWideWeb?!?!?!

  23. You went to ECS? No wonder your taste in women is skewed...

  24. I'm a Mississippi State fan and I just wanted to remind everyone that we are the losingest team in the history of the SEC.

  25. Fulmer's wife is a very attractive lady. She should be getting some points here, for being married to a fat, ugly dude like Fulmer and still be a looker herself.

  26. Yeah, that's what I'm curious about, Mrs. Phil Fulmer. Anyone got a picture?