Tuesday, March 7

Top 5 Most Hated SEC Football Coaches

This is the first of a five part series on the most despised SEC Coaches. It is not based on my opinion of the coaches, however it is based on how I feel they are viewed by Deep South Fans as a whole.

5 Ed Orgeron (Ole Miss) - What's not to hate for opposing fans? The stories are almost legendary! He's been at the helm in Oxford for little over a year, and he is rumored to have committed any number of crimes against football; From bitch-slapping assistants, to fighting players, to being an accessory to the JFK assassination. This guy really gets around.

His thick Cajun accent and gravely voice don't help things, plus he appears to loath the media. In interviews, he never says two words when one word will suffice and he sometimes comes off as disinterested or annoyed.

His critics would say he works in profanity like some artists work in oils or clay, but can you blame him? He is an old school coach, plus this is football people! It ain't choir practice.

He's energetic, he has a rough past and he ain't scared to throw around a few juicy sound bites. Opposing coaches had some fun with his claims to build a recruiting fence around nearby Memphis, as well as the entire state of Mississippi. Also, his staff got a bad rap post-Katrina for allegedly recruiting Tulane players away from the struggling program. Tulane Coach Chris Scelfo referred to the offenders as being "lower than dirt". Some might call it "being proactive!" Tomato, Tomawto.

He talks big and he aims high, but Ole Miss Fans think he can back it up. He delivered a Top 20 recruiting class in his first full season and instantly improved the teams conditioning and attitude. His work ethic is amazing to mere mortals. Assistants say he gets to the office at 5am and leaves around 9pm. Oh, and he expects them to do the same. Everyday.

He is anything but benign like his predecessor Cutcliffe, and Rebel Fans hope that his results are the polar opposite as well. I feel that Orgeron will move up the ranks in the next few years as his record improves. With the talent level of his assistants and recruits, it shouldn't take long before SEC West fans are cussing Coach O on a regular basis.

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Photo: James Bryant - Rebelsports.net


  1. Is number one going to be Tommy? Good night, baby

  2. I guess you'll just have to wait and see...Don't hold your breath!

  3. Flim-flam!
    Bop! Slam!
    Coach O eats human ham!

  4. Polar opposite of 3-8???? Cutcliffe was 10-2 in 2003. I guess the Webels hopes are gonna be 2-10.

  5. After he is 6-6 at best for two years he won't be hated, he will be loved because he will be gone. Just like most other Ole Miss. coaches. Rod Barnes is probably next.

  6. NewsFlash: Rod Barnes Got Fired Last Week.

  7. Well he's been fired. He was an idiot. Good recruiter and that is it, complete moron in every other aspect of his life, I bet.