Tuesday, September 12

Mal's Convo with Shula

Here's a transcript of a conversation between Tide Athletic Director, Mal Moore and Head Coach/Offensive Guru, Mike Shula, after last weekend's big Vandy win

Note: Chotchkie's Manager played by Alabama A.D. Mal Moore while Jennifer Aniston's character is played by Mike Shula...

Mal Moore:
"We need to talk about your offense."

Mike Shula:
"Really? I-I scored 13 points on Vandy. We also-"

Moore: "Well, 13 was the minimum, okay?"

Shula: "Oh, okay."

Moore: "Now, you know, it's up to you whether or not you wanna just do the bare minimum or, uh-- Well, like Tommy, for example... he put 34 on State this past weekend, he covered the spread, and he has a terrific smile."

Shula: "Okay, so you want me to score more?"

Moore: "Look, Mikey--"

Shula: "Yeah?"

Moore: "People can watch a football game anywhere, okay? They come to Bama games for the class and the tradition. Okay? That's what the scoring's about. It's about a upholding that classy winning tradition."

Shula: "Yeah. Okay, so more then, yeah?"

Moore: "Look, we want you to express yourself. Okay? Now, if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, then okay. But some people choose to score more and we encourage that. Okay? You do wanna express yourself, don't you?"

Shula: "Y-Yeah."

Moore: "Okay, great, great. That's all I ask."

Shula: "Okay."

Shula, seen here displaying all the comfort and confidence of irritable bowel syndrome


  1. Hey dick stick, that sucked as well.

  2. Good post erica.

    BTW I thought Coach O was the best D cord. in the country...how did Missouri put up 34 on your great program?

    You better hope ya'll don't lose to UK

  3. Show me where I said O was the best DC in the nation, you cock mongrel!!!

    I did say he was the best recruiter in the nation.

    Talent is the key, russell. The Ole Miss D-line is laughable. They had to go 3-4, for a while because of the lack of Talent and experience. Two true freshman on the D-line that weigh less than 240.

    Plus, Mizzou has a really impressive spread offense. Thank god more SEC teams don't run that. It was a nightmare. Dual tight ends, empty backfields. Ole Miss was not ready.

    That, and Brent Shaeffer isn't ready for primetime. They've got alot of issues, but atleast they're not Mississippi State.

  4. the ole miss season was a like an old lawnmower. looked like it was gonna start but fizzled out just as quickly.

  5. Erik, I don't think there is room for you to talk about Bama, we won, your team lost, so rag on your own team. Pathetic. Kevin

  6. I thought it was pretty damned funny!

  7. Kevin, you can put your name in the space where it's says "anonymous". (see: stephen's post)

    That Bama vs Ole Miss game is gonna be quite a battle!

    Like two Special Ed. kids trying to hump a door knob.

  8. I'm a Bama fan and I think the post was funny and (unfortunately) accurate.

  9. Nico? Formerly of Montgomery, Al?

    Eric, dude you look just like Taylor Hicks... absolutely amazing.

    Good convo there. You forgot the last part where Mal offers a $60,000 raise to Shula's lightning rod, aka Dave Rader

  10. ftd,

    Nope, never lived in Montgomery.