Wednesday, April 12

Tommy West Pulls One Over on
The U of M

Word is that West is getting a $925,000 base through 2010!

Sorry, but that's insane.

An athletic department that is self proclaimed to be strapped for cash needs to realize who their sugar momma is. (note: it's not football)

Don't get me wrong, Tommy is an extremely likable guy and I think he is good for the program, but I just don't think he's worth that kind of dough. Call me old fashioned.

This is a business right?

Supply and Demand

Where's the demand?

I would relate this to Ole Miss giving Cutcliffe a raise (as they did) after Eli's senior season when the Rebs went 7-1 in the SEC. Is this a case of a great coach or a great player? (note: The Rebels were 3-8 quicker than you could say Hotty Toddy) *

Lets wait and see what the Tommy can do without the NCAA career leader in all-purpose yards!

"Thanks DeAngelo!"

Something tells me Memphis is going to regret throwing $1 Mill at a coach who's career hightlight is a hard fought victory over Akron in the Motor City Bowl.

* A lot of folks might have given Ole Miss hell for firing Cutcliffe, but in the wake of his firing I didn't exactly see athletic directors tripping over themselves to offer him head coaching jobs.


  1. What, the same Tommy West that Clemson ran out of town? That man is a football genius.

  2. I know this is off subject, but I found an old email titled: "What is MS State Football."
    1. It is having zero national championships.

    2. It is Jackie Sherrill.

    3. It is 11 wins in 4 seasons combined.

    4. It is cowbells, and somehow you are proud of that.

    5. It is having senior players booed off the field.

    6. It is 5 SEC wins in 4 seasons combined.

    7. It is Dontae Walker serving 25 years for not only selling but trafficking crack.

    8. It is having the worst stadium in the SEC.

    9. It is knowing Southern Miss would kill you.

    10. It is LSU owning you.

    11. It is ESPN canceling Thanksgiving Day coverage because you can't compete.

    12. It is 1 road victory in 4 years.

    13. It is a "Little Wooden Wayne."

    14. It is hiring a head coach that left his last 2 programs in shambles and not thinking he would do the same to you. Good Call!

    15. It is Pig Prather scoring lower on the NFL rookie exam than anyone in history.

    16. It is paying $50,000 for a running back who is now in prison.

    17. It is maroon, white. Now that's a clever cheer.

    18. It is Vandy now claiming "at least we're not Mississippi State"

    19. It is castrating a bull before a 3rd tier bowl game.

    20. It is maroon being "the only color that matters."

    21. It is moral victory after moral victory.

    22. It is having an AD with no upper lip.

    23. It is being arrested for attempting to sneak in alcohol.

    24. It is thinking maroon is a sophisticated color.

    25. It is losing 42-0 with 2 minutes left and your coach still jotting down notes.

    26. It is not being clever enough to come up with your own bumper stickers.

    27. It is putting skyboxes in a pasture.

    28. It is Josh Morgan.

    29. It is having players named Pork-Chop, Pig, and Slovokiea.

    30. It has having a head coach named after a cartoon cat.

    31. It is being proud to drive a maroon minivan.

    32. It is having a chip on your shoulder for 127 years.

    33. It is always having to say "wait until basketball/ baseball season."

    34. It is tailgating on an actual tailgate.

    35. It is knowing that you are the 5th best team in your state (Delta State & South Panola).

    36. It is knowing that you couldn't win a 5A state championship in Mississippi.

    37. It is having more fans show up to a baseball game.

    38. It is losing homecoming.

    39. It is having mascot that licks himself.

    40. It is having the homecoming queen's vehicle in the parade be manufactured by John Deere.

    41. It is attempting to blame Ole Miss because you got caught cheating.

    42. It is Old Milwaukee instead of Bud Light.

    43. It is Old Crow or Fighting Cock instead of Crown or Makers.

    44. It is cows, sheep, and John Deere rather than hot women, hotter women, and BMW's.

    45. It is no tradition whatsoever.

    46. It is the booming metropolis of Stark'Vegas AKA: Starkghanistan.

    47. It is tearing down the goal posts after your 1(superscript: st) SEC win in 2 years.

    48. It is having player's stat sheets include number of arrests.

    49. It is reconfiguring your campus because you have Grove envy.

    50. It is "Who Let the Dogs Out"

    51. It is having a dance team bigger than your football team.

    52. It is "Go State, Go State" yet another clever cheer.

    53. It is fans who think getting dressed up means putting on sweat pants.

    54. It is wishing Ron Polk could coach football.

    55. It is ESPN announcers stateing that you are the worst college town to visit.

  3. Some pretty good ammo! I've heard the "what is Alabama football?" smear job, but this was news to me.

  4. Somebody HAD to have put a decimal point in the wrong place.

  5. Tommy West brought Memphis football back from the dead. Then took them to three bowl games in a row while averaging 40,000 in attendace each year. What more can he do in a non-BCS conference?

  6. He could win his watered down conference for starters, or actually improve his record. He's gone 9-4, 8-4 and 7-5 in the last three years and he's received a raise the last two years. I bet the guy who won the conference isn't getting paid like West.