Monday, February 27

Jarious Norwood = Why NOT to Play at State

This guy is a statistical badass! It's sad he got more press during his recruitment than he ever did at Mississippi State. Here are his combine numbers. Most people are probably going, "Jarious Who?" He was tops among runningbacks in 4-6 events.

Top 5:

40-yard dash

Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Leon Washington
Florida St.
Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Derrick Ross
Texas Tech
Cory Ross


Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Leon Washington
Florida St.
Derrick Ross
Tarleton St.
Dontrell Moore
New Mexico
Terrence Whitehead

Short shuttle

Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Terrence Whitehead
Dontrell Moore
New Mexico
Leon Washington
Florida St.

Long shuttle

Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Derrick Ross
Tarleton St.
Leon Washington
Florida St.

Broad jump

Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Deangelo Williams
Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Dontrell Moore
New Mexico
Derrick Ross
Tarleton St.

Vertical jump

Jerious Norwood
Mississippi St.
Deangelo Williams
Wendell Mathis
Fresno St.
Leon Washington
Florida St.
Dontrell Moore
New Mexico

Best Quarterback In The Draft?

Hypothetical: You're an NFL Scout. Dream job right? Not so fast...Your team needs a new field general and you are lucky enough to pick in the top 5. You've got 30 Million reasons to get this right. Who do you take? The National Champion? The Heisman winner/Hollywood Type?

One misstep, and you're out a boatload of cash (and a job), plus you're looking to pick up free agent "The Bachelor", Jesse Palmer, as damage control. You think back to Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith. Ouch! What happened to those guys? More importantly, what happened to the poor bastards that endorsed them? Your stomach starts to turn. You better do your homework. You better go to The Combine and pray for a sign from the Football gods.

Such is life in the NFL.

You're not gonna take a flyer on a guy who is just "a great athlete" or was "a winner" in college. Those characteristics alone won't get you a damn thing in The League (Read: Eric Crouch or Ken Dorsey respectively) No no, my friend. You Demand the Complete Package. When Millions of dollars, your job and the emotional stability of thousands of slovenly, overweight men hang in the balance, you better bring your "A" game.

What do you do? You trash everything you knew before.

All the Media Hype, all the Bullshit collegiate awards, all the ridiculous stats (See Texas Tech) and you come up with your own criteria on a level playing field. This is the NFL Combine.

Strength, Speed, Ability, Size, Toughness, Work Ethic, and most importantly for a QB, Smarts and decision Making.

These are the reasons NFL Scouts are starting to see what SEC Fans have known for years. Jay Cutler is the Real Deal Holyfield. Not only did he show up to The Combine workouts, (unlike "Hollywood" Lienart, and Vince "Wonderlick" Young) Cutler is blowing people away for all the right reasons...

You Want Strength: 23 reps of 225lbs! No, that's not a type-o. Ball Speed tops out at 60 MPH. Second fastest on record this weekend.

You Want Speed: 1,256 career rushing yards from the QB spot in the SEC (See Toughest Ds this side of the AFC). Ran a 4.7 40 on Sunday.

Ability: After the Senior Bowl most scouts were caught wondering aloud if Jay should be the first quarterback taken. He has all the throws.

Size: 6'4" 225 - Can you say prototype?

Work Ethic and Toughness: Like I said, he's the only big time QBs that opted to work out for the pros. Plus, he played at Vandy. He's a glutton for punishment!

Smarts and Decision Making: The Wonderlick scores should be out in the next few weeks. I would be shocked if his scores are not in the high 30s or better. Oh, and did I mention he went to college at Vanderbilt.

But what about the intangibles? He's got those too...

He is a gamebreaker at Quarterback. The kind of player that seems to gain composure as the game wears on. He was known for his 4th quarter comebacks during the best season in Vandy's recent history. Just ask the mighty Volunteers.

Most impressively, Cutler wants to compete. In a time when the big names are too worried about hurting their draft position under the imperfect conditions of this strange event, Cutler did everything they asked of him.

For once, Vanderbilt will do the SEC Proud.

NFL Quarterback Class of '06: Jay Cutler - Most Likely to Succeed.

Thursday, February 23

College Baseball Update

OXFORD, Miss. -- Ole Miss dropped its first game of the season on Wednesday as the Samford Bulldogs (3-2) out-hit the 19th-ranked Rebels (3-1) on the way to a slim 3-2 victory.

This one was bittersweet. I always love to see my Alma Mater Samford get a win vs. one of "the big boys", but I had hoped it would be Bama or Auburn. I have been following Ole Miss baseball for years now and especially enjoyed seeing them take it to the title game of the SEC Tournament last season here at The Met.

It's way to early to tell, but with a stacked SEC this season, Ole Miss has a tough row to hoe. Of course this was an expected "W" and causes me to question my prediction of another super regional in Oxford, but as we know, this is a young team and they will grow up fast in the next few weeks. At the risk of sounding like Yoda, "One game does not a season make."

Look for The Rebels to take 2 of 3 from the Black Bears this weekend. Maine is very popular in Oxford; not only for their great fans and quality baseball play, but also for what their football team (a Division I-AA school) did to State a few years back!

Tip of the Day:

If ever in an argument with a state fan, end it quickly with a verbal kick to the crotch! Simply say...

"Whatever dude, yall lost to Maine!" and stand clear.

(Warning: do not attempt if the state fan is bigger than you)

Upcoming SEC Baseball Games:

Feb. 24 (Friday)

Florida International at Alabama 6:30 p.m. CT
Louisiana Tech at Arkansas (DH) 1 p.m. CT
Elon at Auburn 4 p.m. CT
4-Missouri at Florida 6:30 p.m. ET
San Diego at Georgia 5 p.m. ET
Kentucky vs. Arkansas State 2 p.m. ET
Temple at LSU 6:30 p.m. CT
Maine at Ole Miss 3 p.m. CT
Marist at Mississippi State 4 p.m. CT
Duquesne at South Carolina 3 p.m. ET
5-Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech 11:30 a.m. ET
7-Pittsburgh at Vanderbilt 4 p.m. CT

Sunday, February 19

What I'm Reading

Even though the author, Warren St. John, is a diehard Bama fan, this book is a great read for all those who seem to live for Saturdays in the fall and also for those who wish to, in some small way, understand our obsession. St. John is a brilliant writer, even if he does work for The New York Times. Luckily he was born and raised in Birmingham.

Saturday, February 18

Sports Giveth, and Sports Taketh Away.

After a few nauseating chick flicks over Valentine's Day, last night I finally got to rent one of MY picks, Two For The Money. I've been wanting to see this Matthew McConaughey project for a while now, but I had heard mixed reviews. I've also has a few friends who are probably avoiding the film all together because it hits too close to home.
The film itself starts off fast and strong with the rise of the big shot tout/salesman they call "John Anthony"and then very obviously loses it's way. It presents us with all the adrenaline and excitement of the typical "poorhouse to penthouse" story but then it goes South with abunch of overused stereotypes and cliches. It's a great concept that most guys can get behind, but the plot is about as thick as Mary Kate Olson. It is a film in the spirit of "Boiler Room" and "Wall Street" but it more so deals in addiction than greed.
You'll have to decide for yourself, cause it is worth seeing for any big sports fan, but don't expect too much. Also, I wouldn't watch it with your significant other if you ever want to bet on sports in peace again! Ignorance is bliss. It certainly doesn't paint a wholesome picture.
The scope of sports gaming is what is so wild these days. The film estimates Sports Betting to be an untaxable, $200 Billion a year industry. When I think about how many of my buddies are laying down, not weekly, but nightly bets, I can't imagine that the figure is not higher! They say that some kind of sports bet can be made 364 days a year (excluding the days before and after the baseball all-star game) and this industry is going mainstream, just like poker.
Evidence that the addiction is only going to grow: Fantasy football, and baseball are nothing more than the minor league for this up and coming industry. The internet has showed us that sportsbooks are not just for Vegas anymore.
The Industry is manufacturing the thrills that people just can't get in their everyday life anymore. What nobody bets on, is all the personal wreckage that this "hobby" leaves in it's wake. Is this the sickness or is it just for fun?

Wednesday, February 15

The SEC's Most Redonkulous Names

Recruiting 2006

First off, I can handle "Mark", "Marc" or even "Marcus", but some of these baby's mommas is going too far! And we've all heard the stories about the girl named "Africa" (pronounced a-freak-a) and that unfortunate soul named "Shithead" (known as Sha'thead).

Gentlemen, I feel your pain. My parents wanted to be different as well and went with "Erik" instead of the obvious choice, and I don't think anyone has ever got it right. Ever.

To try and help these new players out, we are going to dive head first into this mess. These are the very special names you will hear everybodies favorite, Dave Rowe tripping over for the next 4 or 5 Years on JP. I've tried to find at least one from every SEC school and they're in no particular order. Enjoy.


Labronski Hutchins - LB - Alex City, AL - He's the Polish Labron James...of Football


DeMarcus Love - OL - Dallas, TX - Our first variation on Mark plus yesterday was V-day, how cute


JerMarcus Ricks - DT - Leighton, AL - The Tigers didn't have much but it's Mark-tastic


Wondy Pierre-Louis - DB - Naples, FL - Somehow i don't think Wondy is French

Markihe Anderson - DB - Ft. Myers, FL - We are all now dumber for having read that (edit)


Kiante Tripp - OL - ATL - Hmmm, I'm guessing Momma's Drink of Choice?


Jo'Dane Craigman - DL - Ukiah, CA - Jo'Momma did what?

LaRay Foote - ATH - Memphis, TN - In Spanish we learned that "La" is feminine, Mrs. Foote must have skipped that day

LaShun Watson - WR - Greenville, GA - LaWhy?!?


LaZarius Levingston - DL - Ruston, LA - I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills

Shomari Clemons - DB - West Monroe, LA - I liked it the first time when it was called "Jumanji"

Ole Miss

Markeith Summers - WR - Olive Branch, MS - Screw Double names! Just Mash 'em together


Chasman Davis - LB - Fort Pierce, FL - Cause Jasmine would have been too girly

South Carolina

Captain Munnerlyn - DB - Mobile, AL - Better than "Boss", "Champ" or "Mister"

Vandaral Shackleford - LB - Riverside, GA - Vandal? Shackle? Are you Related to Marcus Vick?


LaMarcus Thomson - LB - Stone Mountain, GA - I'm Starting to see a pattern develop


Marquez Hall - DB - Tuskegee, AL - pronounced "Mar'quwez" It's Spanish

Kikko Logan - LB - Elba, AL - All of this starting to make perfect sense!

My Final Thought: It doesn't matter the prefix or the spelling, cause Mark and Marcus are winners! Hook your fetus up with one of these gems (all found in the Class of 2006) and don't even bother saving for college:

Marckus, DeMarcus, JaMarcus, JerMarcus, LaMarcus, Markieth, Markihe and Marquez

Tuesday, February 14

7 of 12 SEC Schools in the Baseball America Top 25

Snow is still falling in much of The South, but respect for SEC Baseball is already heating up! (good one, eh?) Florida (2), Tennessee (8), MSU (11), South Carolina (13), Arkansas (17), LSU (20), and Ole Miss (23) are all Ranked heading into the first few weeks of play.

The conference seems to be more dominant in small-ball than it is on the gridiron, however the same problem exist: We end up beating the crap out of each other until everybody ends up losing face. Alas, there is nothing sweeter*, on a springtime afternoon, than College Baseball in the South. Especially when you got a few buddies and some cold tasties by your side!

Check out the rest of the poll:

1. Clemson
2. Florida
3. Georgia Tech
4. North Carolina
5. Rice
6. Oregon State
7. Texas
8. Tennessee
9. Cal State Fullerton
10. Tulane
11. Mississippi State
12. Missouri
13. South Carolina
14. Florida State
15. San Diego
16. Pepperdine
17. Arkansas
18. Texas Christian
19. Long Beach State
20. Louisiana State
21. North Carolina State
22. Cal Poly
23. Mississippi
24. Stanford
25. Southern California

Dropped Out: Arizona State (16).

*In the world of Sports

Best Sports Movie Filmed In The Deep South?

For those of us who have spent time in God's Country (a.k.a. Dega), this will be one to remember. If you liked anchorman (Some people didn't, and some people don't like to feel good) you'll love this cinematic masterpiece. I present to you, the long awaited preview for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Reviews of the Preview from my buddies:

"Oh my God that is going to be freaking hilarious!! I just got a semi watching it!!"
- Rob
"...That looks awesome"
- Matt
- Burt

Judging from my peers, this film is going to break records in that difficult to reach "Male, 18-35" demographic.

Just Try It, You'll Like It

All this information is right at your fingertips. It's a great time to be a sports fan.

You've got Video On-Demand, Realtime Scoring, HD-TV, Rivals, Scout, Fanblogs, Fienbaum, CSTV, ESPNU, George Lapides, DVR, ESPN The Cellphone. What? Judas Priest!

This must be sports fan nirvana, right?

Well, sometimes it all just leaves you craving more. Like little College Football Crackheads, we mindlessly search the web...

More stories on my team. More Gameday Pics. More Video of Shula dropping the F-bomb. That fix. That Thrill!

Well kids, there's a new dealer in town. I'm Bringing all your old favorites like College Football, Basketball and Baseball and maybe even some of The Pros mixed in. You might even get some commentary on life in the Deep South if you're lucky! It's Editorial, It's Opinion, It could suck! But what the hell. It's better than work, right?

Don't Worry, this first one is on me...but tell your friends!