Monday, July 31

The Razorbacks' New Team Sponsorer

Georgia Boot® 11'' Wellington with Safety Toe Boot for Men

This will be the required footwear for all of Arkansas' starters while out on the town. No longer will underage drinking and kicking a man while he's down ruin the hopes and dreams of so many mountain folk. If only the Arkansas Staff had caught on a little sooner!

The Updated Story - Darren, Darren, Darren! Like my mother always said, "Nothing good ever happens after Four AM!"

This Just In: Houston Nutt is requiring freshman phenom quarterback Mitch Mustain to wear a Hazmat suit with his steel-toes anytime he's not in the safe confines of the practice facility.

Mitch is seen here bringing Coach Nutt his morning coffee

Friday, July 28

And The Award For "Most Punchable" Goes To...

Yes, They're Serious

The boys over at Michigan Zone are calling out some of their fellow Yankee boys with comparisons to noted toolbox and prized Notre Dame recruit, Jimmy Clausen. Watch below for some explanation if you've never witnessed some of New Jersey's finest. You might need to take a shower after this clip.

This is why I thank God every day that I was born in The South.


That's Why We Call Him The Riverboat Gambler

Some classic Tubby footage from his days in Oxford

Tommy Tuberville earned his nickname in games like this 1997 Egg Bowl (also see 1996 @ Georgia). This was during the recent renaissance in the Battle for the Golden Egg (Read: State didn't Suck for a short period) when the game was actually on Thanksgiving night, and it was actually on the damn TV!

Thanks, State (5 consecutive suck ass seasons). ESPN recently dumped The Egg Bowl for "The Backyard Brawl". Whatever the hell that means.

Damn You, Yankees!

Anyway, In this clip, Tuberville reaches down deep and pulls out some serious sack! Then he places it squarely on the chin of Jackie Sherrell.

This is Deep South Football Passion at it's peak!


P.S. - There's some sweetass, intersquad fight footage at the beginning of this clip...

Thursday, July 27

The SEC: Best Football AND Best Tail?

I've Been Accused Of Not Having Enough Eye Candy on the Site, so here you go...

I dare anyone to challenge the beautiful coeds of The SEC.

I've tricked a beautiful Auburn girl into dating me, so that might be why I'm not so concerned about the Eye Candy Factor of my blog (plus she knows the url and I don't want to be in the doghouse). Even so, it's hard not to admire the best of what The Deep South has to offer.

The above Ole Miss ladies are posed in front of the famed catfish and live music Mecca outside Oxford known as Old Taylor Grocery. This legendary restaurant gets the award for The Best Old-School Deep South Eats, but don't even attempt to make it there on game weekends. The secret is certainly out.

Credit to the Ole Miss Pikes for bringing this calendar to the public for many years.

SEC Media Days

Coaches and Players Try to Act All P.C. and Repeat Tons of Stuff We Already Know

Here's some links to all things SEC Media Days. They've got hours of video, audio and bios on all the coaches, programs, players, baby's mommas, etc...


SEC SPORTS (includes video)


ESPN Chimes In on the Event - Gene Wojciechowski takes some pretty funny shots at crazed Bama fans

My favorite:

Ole Miss 2nd year Coach Orgeron proves that he's actually human with a surprisingly friendly interview. (Don't tell Orson or fans of LSU, MSU or the rest of the SEC for that matter)

Personally, I can't believe The Orgeron didn't field any questions about rumors of microwaving kittens or torturing recruits in his basement.

An unknown recruit experiences Orgeron's "Commitment Machine" (credit)

Wednesday, July 26

Troy University: Don't Ask...Don't Tell

Sports Illustrated uncovers a nasty scene at Troy University. Some might call it a Trojan orgy, but the team calls it a "slip'n slide"...

Troy linemen decide to come clean about their "locker room feelings"

On my recent trip to The Riviera, I drove through this lovely rest-stop known as Troy, AL, and it was boring but not this boring.

As a University known for putting out some of the latest and greatest in Venereal Disease, I hope, for the photographer's sake, that the white goo they are wallowing in is anti-bacterial soap.

This indisputable evidence flies in the face of anyone who as ever said offensive linemen don't get ass.


Monday, July 24

Surviving the Off Season - Greatest Video Ever : A Tribute to Journey's "Separate Ways"

This video represents everything that is right about the 80s. However, most of these images are still preserved today here in The Deep South. The band could have just as easily filmed this video circa 2006 at the Dairy Queen in Dothan, Alabama (of which I patronized yesterday).

Journey shows that you don't need a big budget and silly special effects to make a quality piece. Mullets and vintage 'staches work their ever-so-subtle magic, while the rock-and-roll stereotypes complete the equation. Tennessee fans will appreciate lead singer, Steve Perry's checkerboard endzone wife-beater accompanied by jeans that appear to be styled by Speedo.

However, don't be confused...This group may look like a band of homeless homosexuals, but they rock it hard. Almost too hard.

Note the Intensity...The Drama...The Head Whips and the Air Keyboard.

What words can I use to sum up this experience?

Innovative...Pure Genius...

Behold Journey's Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Sunday, July 16

La Vela, Anyone?

Just a Heads Up - I'll be incapacitated somewhere on The Redneck Riviera for the next week (Through Sunday)! Unlike Orson, I don't have a horde of manservants to take up my slack when I'm out maxin and relaxin (It's just not in the budget).

Enjoy the week without me, and If you're good, I might even bring you back an airbrushed T-shirt. All three of you...

A few of the sights I'm looking forward to...

It doesn't get much more "Deep South" than this...By Gawd

Caddy-gate - An Insider's View

This is an excerpt from an exchange I had with a recent Auburn scholarship athlete. This Tiger Baller played on one of the "Big 3" sports teams, and he makes some interesting points about the way things really are:

It's not some conspiracy or anything like that. This is how it works- The academic counselors for the athletic teams (headed by Virgil Starks) definitely stay close to the students to find out what courses are difficult, what teachers are difficult, what majors are difficult, etc., just like any fraternity or anything else does. So, for the student-athletes that want to know what the easiest road is, they research and tell them and schedule them. Hence, all of the criminology and sociology majors in the athletic teams. This isn't unique to Auburn, it happens EVERYWHERE. This idiot just decided to tell the freaking New York Times.


Friday, July 14

Cadillac Williams Speaks Out In Defense of...

Touche, Caddy...Touche.

In the Tampa Bay RB's defense, if anybody asked me what I learned about in pre-cal and calculus, I would probably sound slightly retarded as well.

What he should have said is, "It's about numbers and learnin' and shit."

That would have been a more complete answer.

Auburn vs. The New York Times - Round 2

Auburn Footballers Getting The Hook Up in the Classroom?


Auburn University is getting bent over by the New York Times with some regularity these days (you'll recall the smear job of team chaplain Chette Williams). However, the latest allegations could turn out to be a little more painful.




: Talks of Caddy Involvement
Birmingham News: Kevin Scarbinsky


AU Tigers: Thanks to Anon reader who is posting this link on every blog linking to the NYT story

It seems The Times doesn't trust the local Alabama newspapers to police their own. Lately, those yankees have had an inordinate interest in that quaint little village on the plain.

This Just In: It has come to our attention that the Tuscaloosa News is owned by...None other than... The NYTimes...Coincidence? I think not!

Tuesday, July 11

Comic's Cult Following + SEC Football Junkies = Goldmine

I would sooo read this! Seriously... Taking the casting call to the next, obvious level is SEC Comics. Major Credit to the marketing geniuses that make this happen:

Ode to Fan-dumb

And I thought The SEC had the monopoly on drunk, awesome rednecks. I stand corrected. This guy is redonkulous. Behold...The Big Twelve's Finest:


Thursday, July 6

SEC - ACC Football Challenge

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Personally, I don't think the conference offices would go for this (because nobody has any balls anymore), but how sweet would this be?

The SEC vs The ACC heads up. One non conference game per team per year. A SEC division vs an ACC division. Play it the first or second weekend of the season.

Yeah, that's some must see TV. Here's the scoop:

Depending on the prior season's conference results...

SEC East - ACC Coastal

Georgia - Virginia Tech
S. Carolina - Miami
Florida - Georgia Tech
Vanderbilt - North Carolina
Tennessee - Virginia
Kentucky - Duke

SEC West - ACC Atlantic

Auburn - BC
Alabama - Clemson
Arkansas - NC State
Miss. State - Maryland
Ole Miss - Wake

The two divisions that won their respective conference championship games would play the best team from the division that did not win the conference championship and so on.


Here's an example of how The '06 Challenge would shake out...

Georgia won the SEC so they would host Virginia Tech who lost in the ACC Championship
Florida State won the ACC so they would host LSU

The host site would alternate from SEC to ACC as you work your way from 2nd place to 6th place within the division.

So, #2 west - Auburn would host #2 atlantic - Boston College
and #2 coastal - Miami would host #2 east - South Carolina


Alabama @ Clemson
Georgia Tech @ Florida


NC State @ Arkansas
Vanderbilt @ North Carolina


Miss. St @ Maryland
Virginia @ Tennessee


Wake Forrest @ Ole Miss
Kentucky @ Duke

Since the NCAA has moved us to a 12 game schedule this year, this would be a great permanent fix. Obviously, we would have some kinks to work out of Florida matched up with Florida St etc. Also, no SEC or ACC school would agree to have two or more away games in consecutive years. Now we're messing with the bottomline. Not to worry! These are mere speedbumps on the road to bigger and better things. These issues can be easily overcome.

This would be one less headache for ADs scrambling to make the OOC schedule, and make for some seriously exciting early season matchups. I know I'd be glued to the tube. Geographically and financially, I can't see a reason not to do this.

It would take a lot of convincing with the Presidents because, let's face it, this might be too much fun and it could bruise some egos along the way.

It may seem like common sense to you and me but so does aCollege Football Playoff.

Tuesday, July 4

God Bless The USA

No matter your background, political stance, race, religion, creed or team, we should all take the time to stop and appreciate this wonderful nation we have inherited.

Thanks go out to all that have gone before us and paved the way.

Warts and all, God bless The USA.

Take a moment...

Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner - Super Bowl XXV