Thursday, November 30

Even Retards Can Dream...

Also, Check Out This Great New Website!

RIP Mike (and Sheri):

the memories...

Mal's Convo with Shula

Sheri = Top Former SEC Coaches Wife

Thanks For the Laughs, Mike...You'll Be Sorely Missed

Thursday, November 16

State Championship Week In The Heart Of Dixie

Thumb or Dumb?

In honor of Iron Bowl week, I present to you an Oldie but a Goodie. I wonder if this "artist" was thinking of Coach Mike Shula when he wrote this little diddy...

Bama's Gonna Be Back

"I...I...I'd really like it if ya-ya-you'd score a touchdown...please"

Mal give another resounding vote of confidence

Auburn Fans hope Tuberville can Avoid Bad Transitions, not to mention all the turnovers

Will The Streak Continue?

It's no "Brodie's Last Pass" credit:

Wednesday, November 15

Erik's BlogPoll

Hawg National Championship Edition

1 Ohio State 25
2 Michigan 24
3 Arkansas 23
4 Florida 22
5 Southern Cal 21
6 LSU 20
7 Notre Dame 19
8 Rutgers 18
9 Boise State 17
10 West Virginia 16
11 Louisville 15
12 Oklahoma 14
13 Wake Forest 13
14 Georgia Tech 12
15 Texas 11
16 Auburn 10
17 California 9
18 Virginia Tech 8
19 Nebraska 7
20 Maryland 6
21 Boston College 5
22 Clemson 4
23 Tennessee 3
24 Wisconsin 2
25 Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out:

Tuesday, November 7

If you Hate The NCAA, You'll Love this Video

Stickin' It To The Man

Wisconsin Coach, Bret Bielema tells the NCAA where they can stick Rule 3-2-5e!

Penn State fans weren't amused

HT: edsbs

Monday, November 6

Football Playas Be Ballin'

A Disturbing Trend That is Sweeping The Nation

This is a PSA for all those football fans who are as Ignorant as I am. I've done some extensive research to determine just what the hell football players, of all shapes and sizes, are doing firing up pseudo-jump shots after big football plays.

As Ironic and witty as it all seems to be, I knew it had to be linked to the ever-brilliant Hip-Hop scene.

Since I consider myself to be somewhat of an adult... and rational, I don't follow the scene. While good background music while getting crunk at the club, Rap doesn't exactly lend to high levels of brain activity.

A few of the most common, repetitive themes:

A) I'm Rich, Bitch! - Look at Me

B) I'm Drunk and/or High - Look at Me

C) I've got Multiple Whores whom I Know in the Biblical Sense - Look at Me

D) I'm Somewhat Relevant - Look at Me

E) I'm Really, Painfully Good At Basketball...That's Why I Rap - Look at Me

F) There's No substance to My Life and/or Character and I'm Morally Bankrupt - Look at Me

Crap, I sound like somebody's Dad!

I guess I'm just jealous of these fellas who are ballin' out of control. Yep...I'm a Hater.

Anyways, It seems The New York Giants are bringing much undue notoriety to a Jim Jones (not #1, but #2, #3, and 4) song/video "We Fly High." (click here to see this groundbreaking video!)

Here's a few clips of this already tired maneuver that will surely make its way to a flag football game near you...

I can't wait to see Eli Manning fire one of these up on Sunday Night Football!

- NFL Players Shooting Jumpt Shots During Games? Blame Jim Jones

Friday, November 3

CFN Drops Some Knowledge On Yo Ass

One Reason Why OSU May Not Be The Best Team In CFB

5. The Big Ten isn’t exactly the SEC this season

Florida has had to face the nation’s No. 1 (LSU), No. 14 (Georgia), No. 18 (Alabama), No. 24 (Auburn), and No. 31 (Tennessee) defenses, and still has to face the No. 37 (South Carolina) and No. 16 (Florida State) Ds. Would Ohio State beat all those teams? In a one game shot, I think so, but ask the Gators about the cumulative effect of playing a nasty defense week in and week out. Ask LSU what it's like to play road games at Florida, at Auburn, at Tennessee and at Arkansas.

Pete Fiutak, College Football News

Reason # 1571 Why I Love The South

That Ain't My Gameday

Lot, a known Michigan fan, is seen here fleeing Columbus

They say that the sweet is not quite as sweet, without the sour. Well consider this your daily dose of sour.

I lifted this video from a link provided by the prodigious bloggers at Mzone. It depicts the game day scene in Columbus, circa 2002's Ohio State / Michigan tilt.

All this to say, SEC fans, never let a gameday go by with out dropping to your knees and (at the risk of sounding red) thanking the football gods that you were born Southern. It could be so much worse. You could be a The Ohio State fan:

Who knew that Sodom and Gomorrah were so competitive?

My stream of consciousness as I watch said video:

What a craphole. I know that video was showing the "worst of the worst" but Ohio State looks much like war torn Poland, circa 1943.

I know they have a wide variety of disciplines in Columbus, but The School for the Advancement of DoucheBaggery must be top notch.

Also, I've seen better looking women in the Special Olympics.

tOSU looks like my worst nightmare. The students aren't even tailgating, they are just standing around in their starter jackets, with a half warm 12 pack of The Beast, pissing on one another.

In conclusion:

Columbus is a wretched hive of scum and villainy...and disease. Can't overlook disease.

Forget the killer bees. God save The South from these debacherous beasts.

Imagine for a second that you have come upon The Grove in Oxford or The Amphitheater in Auburn or anywhere in the SEC (outside of red stick) and witnessed this brand of vile, horrendous jackassery. I ain't got the words.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


GO FORTH! And enjoy, with renewed appreciation, what is left of your gamedays.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, November 1

Frat-tastic Grove Action

This Is...Ole Miss

Who says Rebel fans aren't competitive?

Vanderbilt's Finest

"It's Alright...It's OK, He's Gonna Be Your Boss Someday!!!"

Check out the look on this Dick Bandit's Face. It's like he just found out that he sucks at life or something:

I have no real evidence that this turd really goes to Vandy, but if I were a betting man...

Alabama Recently Named "The Best University in the World"

Harvard's Shaking in Its Topsiders

"I know coach Croom wanted me to be there. He was very disappointed when I decided to come to the best university in the world."

This comes to us, according to a new study headed up by Tuscaloosa Scholar-Athlete, Jimmy Johns.

The Tider Nation emphatically agrees with the study, on the basis of "the overall Class of the University and... well...Bear Bryant." Interestingly enough, a majority of said fans have never attended a game or a class on the Tuscaloosa campus.

The Sophomoric Running Back, Johns, also went on to say, "This is where I want my son going. It's a football town. It has great tradition."

No word yet on Johns Jr's Achievement Test scores, but we're sure he will uphold that tradition of excellence...if/when he meets the Universities ever-so-selective standards.

Unfortunately, the Capstone can't celebrate this worldwide title for long...

The Ms. Universe pageant is less than a month away, and the competition from Uranus is surprisingly stiff.

I don't see Alabama on this list. Hmmm...Must be a mistake:

from TheTimesOnline

Stats for Losers

Tag Team...Back Again. R.J. (#48) and P-Willie (#49) - Best LB tandom in the nation?

Ole Miss might not have a whole lot of "Ws" this year, but they do have some serious, hardcore stallions at the linebacker position.

However, is fellow badass Linebacker Rory Johnson (Hinds Community College transfer) cannibalizing Patrick Willis' greatness?

Surely Willis has not lost a step since "the clubbed days" of 2005...

On the stat side, P-Willie is down a few tackles from last season (from 13 to 11), mostly because he doesn't have to constantly wipe the collective ass of the defensive backfield.


P-Willie in the NCAA, Division I

101 Total Tackles: 3rd

67 Solos: 2nd

Yeah, I know. What's wrong with him?! Just when you start thinking he's human again, you see a play like the one below and he totally redeems himself!

Here's Willis, heads up with the best RB in the nation:

Got Willis?

By the way...

Rory Johnson (J.C. Transfer)

65 Total Tackles in his FIRST FOUR STARTS... EVA. (Vandy, Bama, Arkansas and Auburn)

That' Quite Strong.

Erik's Blogpoll Ballot

Week 9ish

Found this tasty little job on southernrivals

If you're alittle hazey on what Blogpoll is all about, visit our founder and hairclub president, MgoBlog.

1 Ohio State 25
2 Michigan 24
3 West Virginia 23
4 Louisville 22
5 Arkansas 21
6 Tennessee 20
7 Texas 19
8 Auburn 18
9 California 17
10 Florida 16
11 Southern Cal 15
12 LSU 14
13 Notre Dame 13
14 Rutgers 12
15 Boise State 11
16 Boston College 10
17 Clemson 9
18 Georgia Tech 8
19 Missouri 7
20 Oregon 6
21 Oklahoma 5
22 TCU 4
23 Wisconsin 3
24 Wake Forest 2
25 Texas A&M 1

Dropped Out: