Tuesday, December 30

Saban just got back from one of those Tacky Christmas Sweater parties

Note: You can blame AL.com video for the craptastic formatting eff ups...hope you had a merry Christmas

Yeah, I know Tiders.

"That sweeter cost more then yure life, barner!"

Even so, lil' Saban looks like my kid nephew at the candlelight Christmas Eve service.

Except my nephew wouldn't look so gosh damn nervous, and pissed all the damn time. Even after Nick's 12-1 season, he still looks as verbally constipated as ever in front of the assembled media...with hate in every shrug of his shoulders, smerk of his evil mouth and repeated utterance of "relative to."

How could you not love this guy? RTR.

By the way, this video was taken on the 28th, so maybe the yet to be disclosed Andre Smith decision was weighing heavily on Saban's alleged soul. Hey, but who gives an eff about that guy? "Andre the Giant" was one of Shula's no-talent recruits, right? On to bigger and better things.

Tider Porn - Happy New Year

Sunday, December 21

SEC: Still the Best

So, the SEC was a little "top heavy" (much like your mother) this season with Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss leading the way, but is that necessarily a bad thing? The SEC's about to embarrass the best of the rest (The Big XII) on a national stage this January. Enjoy yo-self.

Friday, December 19

Bama Sex Worker of the Week

Leslie R. Parker - making all your Mike Price/Mike Dubose fantasies come true

And no, Alana Colete Connell was not listed among the alleged SabaNation Street-Walker Society. Get your mind out of gutter, Barner...

Montgomery police arrested seven women and three men during a prostitution sting Wednesday.

The detail targeted prostitutes who conduct their operations using the Internet or telephone, police said.

Undercover officers were able to set up meetings with women at a hotel in the area.

The possibilities are pretty much endless here.

"Yes, Maam...What package? ... Oh, I'll start off with the SJPW 'Bama Bangs', with a side of 'The Snake' and...hmmm... does that include The Namath 'I wanna kiss you'?"

Link: Not a Julia Roberts in this bunch

[HT: Keith]

Monday, December 15

Big Ten Fan Sees The Light, kinda

"Go Mississippi"?

Something tells me, headless dude's Ole Miss fandom will be short lived. "Soul Crushing Fail" is Col. Reb's middle name. (Remember this, or this?!)

Monday, December 8

Bama Fan of the Week

Little known Van Zant sister, Tina is an avid supporter of the Tide as well as Bass Pro Shop Grand Openings [HT: Darren]

Another excellent reader submission for you. Keep up the strong recon, Darren. I've been warned that the new Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, AL is a veritable cornucopia of crimson comedy. (It's either bass pro, or some random Boat/Outdoors show at the BJCC) However, I never expected this.

Is that even considered a mullet anymore? Ladies, you tell me. It looks like it could be on a Pantene commercial. What do you make of shim?


An embarrassment of riches this week. As opposed to posting a third "BFOTW" in three days, I'll simply slip in this lovely reader submitted pic of a prosperous and permed pachyderm...

Somebody's bringing sexy back, and this ain't no proletariat-mullet either [see: top of the post]. Check out that watch, MFer! Notice the hair product. You think he just falls out of his custom, heart shaped water-bed looking like that?

According to our reader, this 80's holdover scored himself some prime-time seats at the Iron Bowl. Interesting...

"Erik, This guy was sitting next to me at the Iron Bowl... Wonderful mullet, Kentucky [ and/or Tuscaloosa] Waterfall like you wouldn't believe, maybe the best part is that this dude was sitting on the 50yd line."
Major credit, Phil. These couldn't be Auburn fans sitting in this Tide Pride section, right? Does this mean Tiders are starting to eat their own?

Saturday, December 6

Serious College Football Analysis: SEC Championship

A little Ole Miss love at the SEC Championship game. Thanks, Tider [Credit: Jason, the sign's author]

How Florida Wins:

  • Challenge Bama's weak link secondary; throw deep, intermediate, often
  • Off tackle rushing game
  • Screens
  • Win the turnovers
How Bama Wins:
  • Old school grind it out football. Marathon, not a sprint mentality on offense
  • Stop the run and force turnovers. Disciplined D - Don't give up big plays
  • JPW has to step up at some point and win the game

Enough of that football talk, check out these classy Bama fans courtesy of TheWizardofOdds:

One of the famed "Houndstooth Twins" working "the strip" for that ticket

PSA: this kid scares the crap out of me

"Hey, could you not take a picture of my cigarette...I don't wanna nobody thinkin' I'm trashy"

Note to self: Start making really retarded tee-shirts. Sell them in Tuscaloosa.

"play some Skynard!!!"

Monday, December 1

The Kige Party

Kige Kringle sets us all straight on the BCS with earth-shattering analysis as well as totally not regurgitated thoughts and views on the controversial "Big South Conference" championship game. Keep on rockin' in the free world, Kige...

If You'd Like to Play Ole Miss in A Bowl Game, Please Stand Up

This is what you have to look forward to...

Yeah, the music gets a bit repetitive. Who knew little Ole Miss could play with such swagger?

Bowl possibilities:

Capital One (in Orlando) vs. Ohio State or Michigan State: I would love for Ole Miss to be the third SEC team in as many years to embarrassed that sweater-vested douchebag from THE Ohio State. This is a dream scenario. Michigan State isn't sexy in the least, but they could say goodbye to that running game (The SEC's MSU had negative 51 yards rushing in the Egg bowl)

Cotton Bowl vs. Texas Tech: This would also be a fun matchup. Tons of effeminate Ole Miss fans are skeerd of the likes of TTU, because pass defense is not exactly the Rebs specialty, but I say Peria Jerry would eat a piece of that dainty little Graham Harrell's soul every time he dropped back and jumped around the backfield. I say bring it. Land Sharks, baby.