Wednesday, November 26

Bama Fan of the Week - Jackpot

What is with kickass rednecks lately?

Smokin' indoors, drink beer, gettin effed up, havin' awesome hair, listening to some metal tunes and talkin' Crimson Tide football.

Damn right. Generally livin' the dream. RTR!

[warning: foul language and general neckery]

Tigah Fans Emote

"man...I'm high as a kite"

so expressive these Tigahs. Now here's some white lady goes all Emily Dickinson on yo ass...

An Ole Miss win? Who'd a thunk it?
Looks like LSU just decided to chunk it!
They booed Jarrett Lee
And Jefferson wasn't the key-
LSU clearly did flunk it!!

I'm looking for someone to blame
I want no excuse that is considered lame.
The whole game was bad
Tiger fans are mad
Cuz now Mud has to be our name.

Saturday Ole Miss played the best.
I hate losing, it makes me depressed
But you can book it that Anne
Is a true Tiger fan-
And next year will be a Tiger success!!!

- Anne S.

I feel your pain LSU fans. Mine was called "Ed 'The Shrimper'Orgeron."

Sunday, November 2

Kige is Scary as Hell

After purchasing that revamped seasonal set and that "costume" on his head, I'm surprised Kige's folks can keep the lights on. I also love how you can see the wheels turning as he becomes "Scary Kige." Well played, Ramsey.