Monday, April 2

Pride and Joy

Patrick Willis Update

Book it. Willis will be a top 15 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Word on the street is he's a "Can't Miss Prospect" (um...yeah). Some mock drafts have him going as high as 4th or 5th overall. Not bad for a kid from 1-A West-Tennessee football who didn't even get an offer from the in-state Volunteers.

What's all the hype about? Seeing this new youtube compilation it really saddens me that some forgettable, athletically-impaired white-boy was starting in front of Willis for two seasons in the name of seniority. Thanks, Cutcliffe. Yes, while Cut's defenses were getting bent over by the likes of Memphis and Texas Tech, a top 15 draft pick was riding the pine. Classic. At least David let him play special teams, and that's where we get some of Patrick's biggest hits.

240 pounds at 4.38 speed = Pain (Just ask that Alabama return man):

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