Thursday, August 13

Who's the Freshman?

Shots from Ole Miss Two-A-Days

courtesy of the fine photographer at

One of these massive gentlemen is a true-freshman OT hopeful while the other is a senior, first team All-SEC OT. Who's who? No cheating, a-hole.

Greg Hardy (86) motions as if to say, "Come hither, young quarterback...for this day, I dine on your soul!" In the background, Jerrell Powe (57) looks on as if to say, "Note to self: I heart Twinkies."

"Wonder what would happen if I ate my mouthpiece?"

Many douchebag cajuns seem to be taken aback by the supposed homoeroticism of the simulated QB/Center exchange prominently displayed on the cover of the SI CFB preview. WTF? Cause LSU fans are so manly and all...

I guess you could call that "manly," in a way

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  1. The sad truth is those "cajun douche-bags" are right.

    I suppose SI only distrubited three copies in the State of Mississippi considering 3/4's of that American wasteland can't read (or distinguish who's on the cover) anyway. If they could, I'm sure they'd turn on their beloved Rebel-Necks as well considering homosexuality is a crime amongst the natives of the pot-belly/turkey neck state of Messerseppe.

    Enjoy the hype while it lasts. By the way, are you guys playing Wake Forest, Vandy, and South Carolina again this year?