Wednesday, March 15

March Madness: Where Will Your Team End Up?

Some of you have all your hopes and dreams for a happy weekend wrapped up in your tournament team. You might even have a little hard earned cash ridin' on it. Well, I'm about to give you the straight scoop. No punches pulled. Now, these are "Expert Picks" so act accordingly. You might say "Expert Picks? How's that?" I have my own website! Trust me. My crystal ball will only include teams from The Deep South, which includes the SEC states. Oh, and North Carolina.

One and Done!

Belmont - The joke of this game is that "The Bruins" are a lock to win! har har. The Belmont Bruins are playing in their first tournament. That's Nice. UCLA, on the other hand, dominated all aspects of the sport for decades. Plus, they're pretty good this season.

Alabama - The Tide was lucky to get in, and they were rewarded with a nasty #7 seed in Marquette. Tommy Boy's school was the 4th best team in the Big East and they should be seeded higher in my opinion.

Arkansas - All the Hawgs can talk about is the matchup with Memphis in the round of 32. First things first. Bucknell is a giant killer, and Arkansas ain't even a giant!

Northwestern St. - The Big 10 champs should cruise through this matchup with Coach Orgeron's Alma Mater.

NC State - The Wolfpack stumbled cross the finish and that's a death sentence in March.

Kentucky - "UAB Again!?!" (what every Kentucky fan/player/coach was thinking on Selection Sunday) You Bet Your Ass! Thanks for playing! (smirk)

Murray St - The Racers beat my Bulldogs in the Ohio Valley Championship so they must suffer lose!

Winthrop - They may have the home crowd, but Tennessee isn't that bad!

South Alabama - The Jags may very well be losing their coach as well as this game.

Davidson - Not gonna happen. Those cheaters from Columbus are too strong! Too strong I tell you!

Two and Out!

N.C. Wilmington - Taking out G. Dub. is one thing. Duke is quite another!

LSU - A streaking Syracuse team will send the SEC's regular season champs packing.

UAB - It was fun while it lasted. Say goodbye to Squeaky. # Zero, you will be missed.

Teams That Have Nothing to Worry About



North Carolina




  1. I'm proud of the Arkansas pick. That was money. The rest are Rubbish. Especially Tennessee. Who knew the Shockers would be so effective?

  2. I'm glad Alabama upset Marquette. The SEC showed better than the Big 10 showing Bama did belong after all.

  3. National Champ is gonna be Memphis, forget about UConn and the ugliest player in basketball....Josh Boone. He looks like the parking garage attendant on Ferris Bueller's Day Off.