Saturday, February 3

Rednecks Unite

THIS IS...Awesomely-Bad Art

"Nick, we promise we won't compare you to da Bear"

This, from the aptly named "Larry's Sports Art." He's certain to be a flea market all-star with prints of this caliber. I'm talkin' Thousandaire...and it's all tax free, baby!

Yeah, It's Rollin'.


Deja vu?: Another Hot Seller

I couldn't help myself on this one...

This could quite possibly be the ugliest, most senseless thing ever framed. It looks like those dumbass elephants are swimming in blood. Like a white-trash, psycho killer's wet dream, this inexplicable print should strike fear into the hearts of all who have the horror of viewing it.

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  1. lol. nice. I know what I want for my birthday.