Sunday, November 2

Kige is Scary as Hell

After purchasing that revamped seasonal set and that "costume" on his head, I'm surprised Kige's folks can keep the lights on. I also love how you can see the wheels turning as he becomes "Scary Kige." Well played, Ramsey.


  1. What's that on his forehead? Bacon?

  2. I wonder what Kige's #1 favorite holiday is because Halloween is number two?

  3. I forgot.........see you at the SEC Championship game.


  4. Deepsouth would like to announce that Erik will return as soon as Alabama jokes are funny again. Meanwhile, he'll be hiding in his wack room closet praying to the God of people who's football team sucks that Alabama doesn't win the BCS Championship.

  5. Hey Erik you want some funny?

    This comes from your buddy Finebaum today; read it then have a laugh; of course after you post the story of the Bama fans that got shot.

    Saban puts LSU fans in despair
    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Walking out of Tiger Stadium on Saturday night, amid the wreckage and debauchery known as the LSU Nation, I couldn't help but flip the calendar back 52 weeks.

    On that November night in 2007, LSU survived a bloody brawl in Bryant-Denny Stadium and a small group of their fans were hooting and hollering about Nick Saban, decrying Alabama's current state while boasting of their own lofty ranking and likely shot at a national championship.

    A year later, the most repugnant and pathetic group of fans in college football was strikingly silent. There was little mouth from LSU Nation, but a few who could manage three or four words without a hiccup and a stumble filled the cool autumn air with incendiary insults for the victorious Tide.

    But what would you expect from this group of fans, some of whom disgustingly cheered the night before when Nick Saban was burned in effigy?

    All of those fans who claimed not to care when Saban arrived at Alabama in January 2007 are now stuck in the mud with his successor — Lester Miles. Good luck. And one simple question: Who's your daddy, now?

    The 2007 national championship banner is only 10 months old flapping in the gusty winds above Tiger Stadium. Yet, for some LSU fans, it seems like 10 years ago. To a large degree, Miles' career began a downward spiral Saturday night. He was beaten in his own house by Saban and it will likely never be the same again.

    For Alabama, LSU was just an hors d'oeuvre for the main course, which comes Dec. 6 in Atlanta. That will be the statement game for this season, which just shows how far Alabama has come in 22 months under Saban.

    On Saturday, the Tide halted a five-game losing skid to LSU. The next game-changer will be stopping a two-game stretch to Mississippi State. Snapping a six-game streak to Auburn will be the final order of unfinished business.

    Oh, you will hear the usual rhetoric this week about State and Auburn. You will hear the conversation about this being where Alabama fell off the ledge a year ago, running off a horrifying four-game losing streak (LSU, Mississippi State, Louisiana-Monroe and Auburn). Come on now. We are talking about the No. 1 team in the nation against two bottom feeders from the SEC West.

    It might be premature to declare Alabama the best team in the country.

    Although it is three wins shy of playing for the BCS championship in Miami (of all places). Will we see Saban being burned in effigy again (this time in South Beach)?

    Regardless of what happens next, this already has been one of the most extraordinary seasons in modern Alabama history. It has been an enchanting run and watching so many in the national media forced to eat their words on Saban has been enjoyable for loyalists.

    However, the scene Saturday night was the best so far. To witness LSU fans displaying pettiness and jealousy, screaming at the man who salvaged their decaying program was particularly gratifying for some. It was the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy. Well, if it weren't so comical.

    It was that way because Saban turned LSU football into a penthouse power. He gave back to this program pride — a far cry from decades of inferiority and irrelevance. He brought back the magic to Tiger Stadium.

    Now, as Alabama ascends and LSU quickly exits from the national scene, supporters of Miles will be as difficult to find in that sewer-infested Louisiana swamp as an honest politician.

    In Tuscaloosa, students and fans scramble for SEC championship tickets and hope for a 13th national championship banner, while the lights have gone out at Tiger Stadium. There will be no championship this season, no celebratory parade.

    But if things continue to get more desperate on the Bayou, LSU fans can always repeat the bonfire of last Friday night and burn Nick Saban in effigy. It might be about the only way to draw a crowd again this football season in Baton Rouge.

  6. Stephen, Alabama jokes are always funny (unless they're killing each other which I won't even touch...for now). It doesn't matter who wins the national championship. In fact, if you win, your "fanbase" of awesomeness swells even more! It's the gift that keeps on giving. RTR.

    Case in Point: Do you think LSU fans are any less funny after last year's BCS win?

    Exhibit A

  7. LSU fans aren't funny. They're vilth-ridden vagabond degenerates that smell like corndogs....corndogs with infected feet and rectums on the outside of their bodies, near their mouths.

  8. Uh, Stephen, not all of us hate Saban, and some of us support you in the national title hunt, now that you've gotten the best of us. As far as Finebaum's crap above, seems like the reverse was true in Tuscaloosa just a year ago. It's a bit premature to start saying you own someone after one victory, don't you think?

    I cannot excuse the burning in effigy, or the other rudeness or nonsense. Your fan base is no better, however.

  9. artiger, I didn't say Alabama owned LSU. I haven't even read the Finebaum crap bc frankly, I could care less about what he says. And as a whole, you cannot be serious in saying Alabama's fan base is as rude and vulgar as LSUs.

  10. Surely I can be serious.

    It's all in the eye of the beholder. Why, you have two shining examples on this page alone. Admittedly, Erik is able to find the worst in all of us.

  11. Isn't the proper phrase, couldn't care less?

  12. artiger being a redneck idiot and being a drunken, foul mouthed, overly aggressive degenerate are more than slightly different. see if you can figure out which one of those represents bama and which one represents lsu.

  13. Erik

    Please don't tease us about the dead fan posts...........the suspense is thicker than when the world waited to find out "who killed JR"

    Will he........won't he; I'm sitting at the edge of my seat.

    In the mean time......11-0


    And we've got a week off before we play that "cow college across the state".

    Tubbs I'm hoping and praying you get the same treatment that Bowden got from Clemson, and Willingham got from Washington. I'm hope we wipe that stupid grin off your face.

  14. Geez, Troy just about bent LSU over and dry-humped them and smaked a T-R-O-Y tramp stamp on their asses to boot. But didn't.

  15. Stephen, yeah, it was pretty much an embarrassment, despite the comeback. I think Miles finally remembered something Saban told him about Sunbelt teams ("Les, don't let the conference name fool you. They're not from Florida!").

    And Gerry, I'd say they're interchangeable.

  16. artiger i'm not going to argue with you buddy, but i wholeheartedly disagree. my credentials are being born and raised deep in tigah country and getting a degree froma alabama. i know both fanbases very well and have many a friend in both...they ain't interchageable.

  17. Say it all you want, I still disagree. Agreed?

  18. Erik

    In case you missed is today's Finebaum. You had such a great time bashing Alabama on his show and of course bashing us here; I figured that I would be nice and bring the column to you, you know just a little pay back for all your good deeds.

    I kind of like that Finebaum steals a little from one of my last posts to you.

    Auburn's cruel year faces final stop

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    The guessing game has begun: Will he or won't he?

    Next weekend in Tuscaloosa, will Tommy Tuberville raise his fingers at Bryant-Denny Stadium or not? Will he run around the field with seven fingers raised in the air?

    Seven fingers — one for every loss during Auburn's 2008 football campaign.

    Who would have ever thought it would come to this? A season with so much hope coming down to a singular moment for Auburn to salvage an unmitigated disaster.

    In recent years, it was Alabama that attempted to play the role of the spoiler — such as 2004 when Auburn was marching along undefeated and desperately hoping for a BCS title berth. Throughout history, it has been the other way around. Yet, history can take some cruel and evil turns and this one has been among the most vile tasting in the annals of Auburn football.

    Everything Pat Dye and later Tuberville tried to build and foster — being treated as equals (or better) with their cross-state rivals — seemingly hangs in the balance now.

    Alabama has raced forward and, while it may not be America's team (the national media is stuck with a teenage crush on Florida), it is still No. 1 and controls its own destiny, words which have rarely been spoken in the same sentence with Auburn football.

    In the eyes of the public, it is no longer really an issue of whether Alabama will win this game. Instead, the debate is how bad the beating will be.

    Interestingly, some sportsbook analysts project the betting line for the Iron Bowl could land between 14-15 points in favor of Alabama when it comes out Sunday night in Las Vegas.

    Would a serious thrashing help push Tuberville to the unemployment line? Does the outcome of the game really matter?

    Isn't it funny how you now hear some Alabama fans regurgitating the words of Auburn fans over the years.

    "Oh, let's not beat up old Tubby too badly," one said recently. "The way he recruits, we want him around for a long time!"

    Didn't Auburn fans used to say the same about Bill Curry? About Mike DuBose? About Mike Shula? Has the worm really turned this much?

    Has a program with a six-game losing steak against its arch-rival ever talked more smack? But can you really blame Alabama fans when comparing their program, and most important, the direction it is heading compared to where Auburn is and where the Tigers are going?

    That's really the problem for Tuberville.

    After starting the season with high expectations, Auburn fans were talking "moral victories," in the wake of Saturday's loss to Georgia. What's up with that?

    Tuberville is low key after six losses as if it's difficult to distinguish one from another. Another loss, big deal, Tubs seems to be saying, "I'm still clocking in north of $3 million a year and it will cost these guys $6 mil to make me disappear."

    Ain't life great?

    Meanwhile, Nick Saban comes off like a combatant in a mixed martial arts competition. Every battle is life or death. "Win or die trying," he seems to be saying.

    Saban not only motivates players but fans. I talked to a woman last Friday who was planning on skipping Saturday's game against Mississippi State.

    Too cold, she said, to watch Alabama play Mississippi State. However, after Saban delivered his fiery speech to the fans Thursday on his coaches' radio show, she changed her mind.

    "I have to go now," she said.

    So as Auburn and Alabama take a breather this week, fans will get a chance to reflect as well. For Alabama fans, it's all about finding SEC championship game tickets and talking smack about the Iron Bowl.

    For Auburn fans, dread is the word. Dreading the buildup to the Iron Bowl and dreading the week of the SEC title game with Alabama at the center of the college football universe.

    There will also be a lot of dreading the future of having to live in the same state with Alabama fans. That is, unless dramatic changes affect the dreadful state of affairs on the Plains.

  19. I'm worried about Erik. Laying off the posts bc Bama is wailing on fools is understandable. But Ole Miss just beat the corndogs for the first time in 6 years, figured that'd be an immediate post.

  20. Yeah, I figured our worthless effort would bring him out this morning. Is he in some kind of anti-Bama witness protection program?

  21. Hey Bro....What's up?

    You lose your funny? Look around the doublewide it might be outside with the cat.

    It looks a little like the funny has kind of dried out there on the Plains now doesn't it?. Nice.......I'd like to keep it that way for awhile.

    I know you are on your knees just hoping and praying Alabama takes a swan dive in this Iron Bowl. And I'm hoping and praying that we blow Auburn let's see.

    I bet you would have never thought that this would have happened in your worst dreams now did you? Eat the humble pie.

    My gift to you is this weeks Finebaum.

    Damn; I remember when you guys were so close.

    Enjoy the read Chuckles.

    Odds are against Auburn in Saturday's Iron Bowl
    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    What if they held the Iron Bowl Saturday and one team didn't show up? Seriously, should Auburn even bother? Wouldn't it make more sense for Auburn's "student-athletes" to stay home and go to the school library? In a bad economy, wouldn't it be more prudent to save the bus fare from Lee County and use it for something more meaningful?

    Others have wondered if it's true that Nick Saban has considered resting his starters against Auburn so nobody would get hurt before the SEC title game.Or will he simply let the seniors play for a series or two so they can get a standing ovation from the adoring crowd?

    What chance does Auburn have of pulling the upset? Two shots: Slim and none.

    Obviously, the jokes will be as bountiful this week as turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie. That's pretty amazing when you consider which side has been beating the stuffing out of the other for the past six years. Some Auburn fans still have hopes of making it seven in a row. But if history is any indication, the better team will win this game. And the better team is obviously Alabama. The line in Las Vegas is 14 points — the biggest in recent memory.

    In the last 15 years, there have been only three double-digit lines. In 1997, Auburn was an 11cm HALF-point favorite. Alabama had that game won in Mike DuBose's first season until the infamous Freddie Kitchens to Ed Scissum screen pass resulted in a fatal fumble. In 2002, Alabama was an 11-point favorite and Auburn stunned the Tide 17-7 in Dennis Franchione's farewell in Tuscaloosa.

    In 2004, Auburn was clamoring for BCS attention and was a 10-point favorite. The Tigers held on for a 21-13 win. In all three cases, the underdog covered the point spread.

    The idea of Alabama losing this game should have some mental health professionals in Tuscaloosa County on red alert — just in case.

    How bad was it the last time Alabama lost in a similar spot (which was in 2002)? Well, pretty bad. Alabama has had three head coaches and has not beaten Auburn since.

    What's interesting is how the two sides have seemingly shifted places. Back in August, the Hilton Sportsbook had Auburn as a 3-point favorite over Alabama.

    So how did things change so dramatically? Obviously, the early betting line is based on preseason expectations. Auburn was picked to win the SEC West and Alabama projected to finish third. In the preseason AP poll, Auburn was No. 10 and Alabama No. 24. In the USA Today rankings, Auburn was No. 11 and Alabama unranked. Today, Alabama is No. 1 and Auburn nowhere to be found.

    Just for the record, when Auburn pulled the major upset in 2002, the two schools began the season more evenly matched — with Alabama ranked No. 11 and Auburn No. 14 in the AP poll. Before that season, Alabama was projected as a 3-point favorite over Auburn. The line was much higher at game time because Auburn's backfield was plagued by injuries.

    And what about the huge upset in 2001 when Alabama — whose record was 4-5 at the time — went to Jordan-Hare Stadium and shredded Auburn 31-7? Interestingly, it really wasn't much of an upset. Auburn entered the game a 2-point favorite.

    While most experts heavily favor Alabama, Saban might be wise to pay close attention to what Auburn is going through. Because a week from today, the tables are going to be reversed. Florida will be favored over Alabama in the SEC title game and all the national pundits will be wondering if Alabama should even show up.