Sunday, March 29

Crack Rock for the Rebel Soul

RebelFootball2000 put together this heart warming 2008 compilation, which is almost bittersweet as we toil though the spring and summer doldrums. As the cherry on top of this video's awesomeness, how uplifting is that totally wholesome and pure 1980's synthesized motivational music?

NFL QBs Beware: Peria Jerry (#98) is a bad MOFO

Oh, and here's the 2009 version of the Rebs (minus the freshmen) on the second day of Spring-ball, preparing to dominate what has to be the easiest SEC football schedule every assembled Thanks, Pete...



  1. I know that it is awesome that I know this. This music would be from the hit soundtrack Rocky IV.

  2. Why does he call Snead "Gentry" at the 6:10 mark?