Tuesday, February 14

Just Try It, You'll Like It

All this information is right at your fingertips. It's a great time to be a sports fan.

You've got Video On-Demand, Realtime Scoring, HD-TV, Rivals, Scout, Fanblogs, Fienbaum, CSTV, ESPNU, George Lapides, DVR, ESPN The Cellphone. What? Judas Priest!

This must be sports fan nirvana, right?

Well, sometimes it all just leaves you craving more. Like little College Football Crackheads, we mindlessly search the web...

More stories on my team. More Gameday Pics. More Video of Shula dropping the F-bomb. That fix. That Thrill!

Well kids, there's a new dealer in town. I'm Bringing all your old favorites like College Football, Basketball and Baseball and maybe even some of The Pros mixed in. You might even get some commentary on life in the Deep South if you're lucky! It's Editorial, It's Opinion, It could suck! But what the hell. It's better than work, right?

Don't Worry, this first one is on me...but tell your friends!

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