Thursday, February 23

College Baseball Update

OXFORD, Miss. -- Ole Miss dropped its first game of the season on Wednesday as the Samford Bulldogs (3-2) out-hit the 19th-ranked Rebels (3-1) on the way to a slim 3-2 victory.

This one was bittersweet. I always love to see my Alma Mater Samford get a win vs. one of "the big boys", but I had hoped it would be Bama or Auburn. I have been following Ole Miss baseball for years now and especially enjoyed seeing them take it to the title game of the SEC Tournament last season here at The Met.

It's way to early to tell, but with a stacked SEC this season, Ole Miss has a tough row to hoe. Of course this was an expected "W" and causes me to question my prediction of another super regional in Oxford, but as we know, this is a young team and they will grow up fast in the next few weeks. At the risk of sounding like Yoda, "One game does not a season make."

Look for The Rebels to take 2 of 3 from the Black Bears this weekend. Maine is very popular in Oxford; not only for their great fans and quality baseball play, but also for what their football team (a Division I-AA school) did to State a few years back!

Tip of the Day:

If ever in an argument with a state fan, end it quickly with a verbal kick to the crotch! Simply say...

"Whatever dude, yall lost to Maine!" and stand clear.

(Warning: do not attempt if the state fan is bigger than you)

Upcoming SEC Baseball Games:

Feb. 24 (Friday)

Florida International at Alabama 6:30 p.m. CT
Louisiana Tech at Arkansas (DH) 1 p.m. CT
Elon at Auburn 4 p.m. CT
4-Missouri at Florida 6:30 p.m. ET
San Diego at Georgia 5 p.m. ET
Kentucky vs. Arkansas State 2 p.m. ET
Temple at LSU 6:30 p.m. CT
Maine at Ole Miss 3 p.m. CT
Marist at Mississippi State 4 p.m. CT
Duquesne at South Carolina 3 p.m. ET
5-Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech 11:30 a.m. ET
7-Pittsburgh at Vanderbilt 4 p.m. CT


  1. Ole Miss' first game was actually against St. Louis. I believe the Rebels won 9-1.
    Other than that, I stumbled on this blog a few days ago and have loved it ever since! Keep it up.

  2. Appreciate the kind words Bob. What I meant to say was that this was ole miss' first loss of the season! I just didn't say it very well. I need somebody to keep me in check though!