Saturday, February 18

Sports Giveth, and Sports Taketh Away.

After a few nauseating chick flicks over Valentine's Day, last night I finally got to rent one of MY picks, Two For The Money. I've been wanting to see this Matthew McConaughey project for a while now, but I had heard mixed reviews. I've also has a few friends who are probably avoiding the film all together because it hits too close to home.
The film itself starts off fast and strong with the rise of the big shot tout/salesman they call "John Anthony"and then very obviously loses it's way. It presents us with all the adrenaline and excitement of the typical "poorhouse to penthouse" story but then it goes South with abunch of overused stereotypes and cliches. It's a great concept that most guys can get behind, but the plot is about as thick as Mary Kate Olson. It is a film in the spirit of "Boiler Room" and "Wall Street" but it more so deals in addiction than greed.
You'll have to decide for yourself, cause it is worth seeing for any big sports fan, but don't expect too much. Also, I wouldn't watch it with your significant other if you ever want to bet on sports in peace again! Ignorance is bliss. It certainly doesn't paint a wholesome picture.
The scope of sports gaming is what is so wild these days. The film estimates Sports Betting to be an untaxable, $200 Billion a year industry. When I think about how many of my buddies are laying down, not weekly, but nightly bets, I can't imagine that the figure is not higher! They say that some kind of sports bet can be made 364 days a year (excluding the days before and after the baseball all-star game) and this industry is going mainstream, just like poker.
Evidence that the addiction is only going to grow: Fantasy football, and baseball are nothing more than the minor league for this up and coming industry. The internet has showed us that sportsbooks are not just for Vegas anymore.
The Industry is manufacturing the thrills that people just can't get in their everyday life anymore. What nobody bets on, is all the personal wreckage that this "hobby" leaves in it's wake. Is this the sickness or is it just for fun?


  1. I never made you watch nauseating chick flicks over Valentine's Day. Get your story straight.

  2. "Brothers Grimm" ring any bells? Nice call...Matt Damon and the guy from Brokeback! YESSS!!!!