Friday, October 31

Cowboy > Kige?

It seems our new acquaintance Cowboy is ridin' his "beat that ass" Fat Phil, Tennessee video all the way to the top. Deadspin, roundtableradio... I've even seen folks linking to it on facebook. The original video has almost 70,000 views, for Kige's sake. Move over Ramsey. Don't miss the interview of the century...

Bama Fans and Indoor Smoking...goes together like Bear Bryant and Classyness


  1. Talk about class! Haven't you Ole Piss Rebelneck-ex-girlfriend's gotten over Tuberneck yet? He left you for a better job opportunity down at the barn, let the man be!

  2. Some folks just can't take a joke. Then again, some like being the joke. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

    I almost hope Bama beats us next weekend, just so I can hear Cowboy say "beat that coon-aaasss".

  3. Not just Cowboy, I want to say "beat that coon-aaasss" too.

    Bama now 9-0.

    Auburn got the smackdown and I'm loving it.

    Tommy needs to be working on getting his greenskeeping business up and running; 'cause that's the only time he's going to be on a football field is when he's painting lines on it.