Wednesday, January 7

Dan Hawkins Was Wrong: The Big XII is Intramurals, Brother

TheWiz asked for me for my "official" prediction of the big game (I'm feeling generous):

Florida 45
Oklahoma 27
(including garbage TD)

Florida is gonna play its game and score at will against the # 58 ranked scoring defense. We've all seen what the Big XII South is really comprised of...

[TheWizOfOdds Composite Prediction Post]


  1. Yes. Great point. The winningest combined division in the history of college Excellent work.

    Let me clue you in. When the top 2/3 of your division has a .875 winning percentage in the regular season, the worst team is historical power A&M, and Baylor has the most exciting true freshman QB (who can actually throw the ball) in the country - that's historically great.

    That being said - I hope Florida crushes OU tonight. I'm a UGA fan, and this has absolutely nothing to do with conference pride. I'm from Texas and everything Oklahoma is.....the devil.

  2. Oklahoma State - Double Digit loss on a neutral field at the hands of a lesser ranked team = Suck

    Texas Tech - Double Digit loss on a neutral field in their home state at the hands of a much lesser ranked team = Suck

    Texas - The high powered offense of Texas scoring 6 points in the first half against Ohio State, and the crime of making OSU look like a decent program in a BCS game = Suck

    Oklahoma - I'll let you know tomorrow...