Friday, January 2

Bell Effers Smoked By Belle Effers

Read: #7 Texas Tech PWNED by #25 Ole Miss

RING DING DONG you cocky Napoleonic Texas Tech a-holes...

Guns Up, Bitch!

["Bell/Belle" line courtesy of oxpatchreb]


  1. I wonder if You TOOL will come back to comment since Texas Tech got whooped after You TOOL talked about how they were going to win by some ungodly amount of points, or if we'll never see that name show up on here again out of shame.

    Hotty toddy!

  2. Oh I left him a little something on my blog. I eagerly await his response.

  3. Please don't get confused; I'm not going anywhere.

    I'm just going to wait until we show up in Oxford and spank your uneducated asses in front of the home town crowd.

    It will be good, it will be just; and most of all you'll take the beating we give you and you'll like it.