Sunday, January 4

The Single-Wide Wrangler

What am I missing here? Did The Cowboy always have this sweet assed mullet, or did he just recently acquire it in some kind of stereotype fulfillment program?

Well, another sidewalk Bama fan bites the dust. No more Tider talk? What, with the Basketball season's just heating up? Womens Gymnastics and the Bass Fishing team are coming off outstanding recruiting classes, I'm sure. Damn. What am I gonna do for cheap content? Kige's over here shitting the bed...Guess I might have to really try and write something. Thanks assholes.


  1. I didn't know rollfuckintide was one word.

    Nice forty.

  2. Erik,

    He has always had that skullet. He is just mantastic.

  3. So, does Cowboy not know that Alabama went to a bowl last year or is 1 year just "a real long time" to him?

  4. He was funny. Then he was just retarded. Now he's mad that he never realized monetary gain off his "fame."

  5. they got to go to a bowl game last year... WTF