Tuesday, December 5

BlogPoll - Erik's Fair and Balanced Pre-Bowl Poll

1 Ohio State 25
2 Florida 24
3 Michigan 23
4 LSU 22
5 Oklahoma 21
6 Auburn 20
7 Arkansas 19
8 Louisville 18
9 Southern Cal 17
10 West Virginia 16
11 Wisconsin 15
12 Virginia Tech 14
13 Boise State 13
14 Houston 12
15 Rutgers 11
16 Notre Dame 10
17 Wake Forest 9
18 Tennessee 8
19 Nebraska 7
20 Texas 6
21 Brigham Young 5
22 Texas A&M 4
23 Boston College 3
24 California 2
25 Oregon State 1

Note: The 16 team playoff should start next weekend, but instead the moronic bowl season starts with a whimper on Dec. 19 with (I kid you not) The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Cause nothing says big time college football like the killer combo of poisonous flora and prime-plus-1 auto loans.

Also, what's up with The GMAC bowl being played on Jan. 7th? I thought the bowls were always gonna be organized from crappy snoozers up to the National Championship?

Now, it's like we're going throught the holidays and games are get better, better, better, Oh, and SEC team!...Cotton, Gator, Rose, Fiesta and Orange, YES, YES, YES! ... then we get force fed a turd sandwich with the GMAC and "International Bowl" just days before the National Championship game.

Maybe it's a last ditch effort to make us appreciate good football and ultimately the Bowl syster.

(said with skeezy french accent) "Hey guys...Look at this steaming stinker between Western Michigan and Cincinnati! So what you don't even know what Western Michigan's Mascot is! Bet you can't wait for The BCS Title Game! Everything is fine."

Thanks, but no thanks, Bowl Season.

The end of the College Football season has become a sad disgrace to intelligence and civility.

You can take The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl and shove it up your pooper.

Here's the Bowl Schedule (try not to vomit on your keyboard)

Bowl Season, I. DON'T WANT. YOUR LIFE!!!


  1. ND in the Sugar bowl, I hope they lose 100-0. LSU is gonna kill them. I should know Im from LA.

  2. Don't be such a cajun titty-baby. You know it's gonna be more like 60-0 LSU.

    Could Weis Get Fired? Gasp!