Sunday, December 10

Patrick Willis - The Best Of College Football

You can't Help but Love this Guy...Unless You're an Offensive Coordinator

Sometimes, the best players don't play on the winningest teams. You may not know that from some of the recent award shows. However, it was very satisfying to see that Patrick Willis of Ole Miss was recently recognized for his outstanding talent and hard work with the Butkus award for the nation's best linebacker.

Out of all the outstanding SEC linebackers playing in the pros, Willis is only the second to take home the award (Derrick Thomas, Alabama).

Willis is going to give you 110%...every day, every down.

He will be a game changing asset to any NFL Defense, not just because of his freakish athletic ability or ball hawking instincts, but for of his uncommon attitude about football and life...

"Each day that we wake up we have a decision to either have a good day or have a bad day," Willis said. "I pray to the lord and I know that he's with me each step. I just try to have the best day possible, but I know it's up to him how my day turns out."

Reason # 1762 why I love College Football in the South. Thanks, Patrick.

2006 Butkus Award:

Darren McFadden (ARK) vs. Willis:

"When I saw (Willis) him run down Darren McFadden from Arkansas basically from behind with no angle, I knew he had pretty good speed," the Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said.

Justin Vincent (LSU) vs. Willis:

"Patrick is as good a player as there is in the country in my opinion," Kentucky's Rich Brooks said. "He's a guy who goes from sideline to sideline and plays as fast and as violent as any linebacker we've seen this year."

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  1. Glad he won this. I was afraid the man-crush for Big 10 players would ooze into this category as well.