Friday, December 8

One More Bottle Blond In T-town?

Forget Rich...How's The Bama Nation's New First Lady?

Out With Shari Shula.......In With Rita Rodriguez

Other than 10 years, some Mystic-Tan and a few cans of Aqua-Net, they're one and the same. Wonder if Rita was a professional dancer too?

In our year round southern soap opera that we lovingly refer to as SEC Football, it seems we have a few new characters to follow.

Now, obviously, Shari will not be defending her title as Top SEC Wife, but this also begs the question...Where does this fiery new contender, "Rita Rod", fit in the highly competitive hierarchy of SEC Coaches Wives?

Yes, we all know that the SEC is the pinnacle of The College Football Universe, but that standard of excellence doesn't just apply to the field of play.

The fans, players, facilities, coaches, support staff and most importantly the wives must all send a consistent message, and that message must be awesomeness.

So, with that in mind, here is the DeepSouthSports file on Rita Rodriguez:

- A native West Virginian, Rita quickly made her distaste for this move more than public:

A very reliable Internet rumor said that Rita even called a West Virgina sports talk show and cried at the thought of moving to Tuscaloosa. Obviously Rita's hasn't heard of Tuscaloosa's world renowned Bear Bryant Museum, the many breathtaking Flea Markets or the towns proximity to prime deer huntin' land.

- Here's a recent quote from Rita further exhibiting her sassy nature:
"It was an informal meeting," Rich Rodriguez told

When asked how long the meeting lasted, Rodriguez turned to his wife, Rita, and said, "25, 30 minutes. How long did it last, Rita?"

"Ninety minutes," Rita said.

"Oh," Rich said.

Good luck with all that, Coach.

Like Coach Rod, I think I'll give Rita a while to get her feet up under her before I pass judgement.

So dry those eyes, Rita! Alabama can't be worse than West Virginia.

If I had to move to Tuscaloosa, I'd just play this song and (Much Like Bama Fans) think about the good old days...

The early 90's

This natural blonde isn't too sure about Rita either


  1. a little premature with this one don't you think?

  2. Looks like Rita got her way in the end...

  3. I should have Known better than to trust Bama.

    Hurricane Rita 1, Erik 0.

    touche, 80's rock groupie, touche.

  4. Hey - Check your sources. Shari Shula is 40. Rita Rodriguez is 43. Shari looks ALOT better.

  5. That's the thing, I don't have any sources!

    I'd love to hear where you got you info from though. Sniffing around Shari's purse? Freak.