Tuesday, December 18

Bama Fan of the Week

Sponsored by The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

I ask you, who needs toned, universally attractive painted supermodels when you've got this Bama Skank?

If you're not blind yet, notice the beautiful houndstooth hat adorning this young ladies shoulder, adding the perfect touch of Tider class to this already mind-numbingly embarrassing image

This Bama fan's awesome display of disregard for basic human decency can only be categorized as "Damn, I hope that's not fake cause it is 10 shades of sad."

[HT: Darren]

While the above picture passes the eyeball test as real (as in, an undoctored photograph), these below pics fall under a somewhat different category. Something like "Fark of the Week." However, they are no less amusing.

I Could See This...


Nobody's This Lucky...


Te-Hos Come In All Shapes and Sizes


[from LWS]

A Classic: Somebody Cropped this Pornstar in where Tony Joiner Used to Be


I Call this Screen-Cap From Bama Online "Priorities" (wait this one's real)

click to enlarge/see the whole thing


  1. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  2. erik i think you're smarter than this, but just in case you're not...you know if bama's coach made 600k it wouldn't affect the a/c systems on campus right???

  3. Wow, gerry. I didn't write it. I just laughed at it.

    I'm not certain, but I'd be willing to bet that "The Zone" has air conditioning.

    That's where the "priorities" come in. And that's what makes it ironic.

  4. well "jkips" is either a) completely full of shit, or b) his class was without ac for all of a day...just like what happens at every university...even ones without overpaid coaches and "the zone."