Thursday, December 20

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Bama Fan of the Year?

While browsing the internets this morning, I came upon a "story" that was obviously too awesome to ignore. On the crazy scale (with 1 being that really nice, ostensibly educated and strangely humble Bama grad neighbor and/or relative of yours, 8 being Alana Collette Connell and 10 being Pinson) This Stud is right up there with the best of 'em. Bama should be awarded a 13th Nashnul Chamyunship for merely being associated with such greatness.

To complement this piece, I'd like you to envision this, "Original" Bama FOTW and FUBU aficionado as you read the eloquent words of a Tider:


"i want to thank Saban for destroying my family. My sons grandparents are auburn fans and we visit them only at deaths in the family. Well we Lost a 41 year old Auburn fan and preacher on Nov 11 2007. So we got together for the Funeral.the first time in two years because we are Bama fans. They ask us to come to their home for Christmas so we can help with the lost of their youngest son. we agreed when we left their house my sons one is 24 one is 16 said if Auburn beats Alabama they never wanted to see them again. Guess what we lost and thanks to the sorry backs and Quarterback we have and the 4 million dollar coach we lost our family for good. Thanks for destroying our hope our faith and family and the youth of Alabama's hopes forever. My 24 year old was going to transfer. this year if Bama Won but who wishes to play with a bunch of loser like the ones that take the field in Alabama, "

Posted at 9:38AM on Nov 26th 2007 by screwauburn

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  1. I couldn't understand the last 1/3 of what he said, and I'm from Alabama! I thought I understood stupid redneck, but I guess I've lived in Auburn too long.