Wednesday, May 3

The Texas QB Power Struggle

Since Vince Young will be suiting up for the Tennessee Titans this fall, UT (the other one) is in the midst of a quarterback controversy.

As far as I'm concerned there is no controversy.

I mean, honestly, who would you start?

Some young, Caucasian kid named Jevan?

Hell No!

You come to your senses and give the reigns to your redshirt freshman with the best college quarterback name this side of Joe Kane and Johnny Walker.

Colt McCoy is a no brainer, Mack. Seriously.

The posters write themselves!

"Colt: The Gunslinger"

Or for the opposition (if he underachieves) "Colt...Goes Down Smooth"

The possibilities are endless! And what could be more important than witty posters for ESPN to cut to when Texas is taking Baylor to the woodshed?

For all you SAT buffs, Colt is to quarterbacks what Takeo Spikes is to linebackers or what Chris Moneymaker is to tubby, redneck, poker playing accountants!

I defy anyone to come up with a more studly quarterback name for the 2006 College Football season. Never mind his armstrength, pocket presence or forty time. Do you think Jonathan Moxen or Lance Harbor had to worry about any of that junk?

Mack, just do the right thing.

I think we all know who Billy D. would start!


  1. Really cool that you used Varsity Blues as a reference. I'm impressed.

  2. Hey, There's no more accurate portrayal of Texas High School Football than Varity Blues, right?

    "Sh!t, Dem boys havin' the time of they lives!"

  3. Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.