Wednesday, May 17

Off Season Poetry

Limerick Therapy
Haiku is out. Limerick is in. These are my original stylings inspired by everydayshouldbesaturday:

e e cummings would be so proud!


No fall Saturday would be complete
Without a tailgate and stadium seat
I cheer for my team
While livin' the dream
Just please don't let it end in defeat!


I saw coach O on the road
Many cruitin' seeds he has sowed
He works his ass off
Yet still they scoff
And try to paint him a toad


Could Something Be Brewin' in Dixie?
Coach O making waves is not easy
Will he whoop some ass
on the turf and the grass
and prove that his ways are not sleazy?


Hundreds of miles we drove
To set up shop in the grove
The bourbon flows
And so it goes
Twas life before we betroth!

*Disclaimer: This one doesn't apply to me, because, well, I'm not married...yet! Hard to rhyme with "grove"

I found this link on the vitals of the limerick after I wrote the ones above (mine weren't exactly structurally sound!). Here is some help for those aspiring poets out there!


  1. Tell me you did not take the time to come up with all of those. You are a very sad person.

    Erik sits and types all day
    With hopes that Ole Miss will play
    At least one good game
    Which necessitates fame
    Then he can cheer hip-hip horray


    Erik indeed is sad
    He sits at home with his dad
    He looks for a job
    And acts like a slob
    With only Ole Miss to be glad.

  2. The guy that just wrote two makes fun of me for writing four!

    I don't sit at home with my Dad. I sit at home alone! Man, i really do have some a-hole friends though! Sad thing is I know exactly who this is:

    Matt can be such a tool
    He knows all because of med-school
    If he don't know
    He'll put on a show
    And act like he's not a fool!