Sunday, February 17

Birmingham Implosion

Nothing better than an nice implosion to start off your Sunday morning. We don't get to blow up too much crap here in Birmingham, but this turd of a hotel deserved it. The Parliment Hotel on the southside near UAB had been vacant for years and become a safe haven for homeless assholes, and its not exactly tops on TripAdvisor (Unless you're looking for a "Great Place to get inadvertently stabbed with a HIV-tastic syringe"). Plus it is directly connected to my work parking deck (seen still standing behind it) so I was especially sick of looking at it.

Anything to keep from being reminded of the unsavory homeless and their pathetic problems, right?


  1. I thought the ghetto was in T-town.

  2. i could watch one of those every single day and i'd never get tired of it.

  3. Cool, now we know where you work.

  4. There is plenty of ghetto in T-town, but nothing to implode. Imploding something implies that the land is valuable.

    I should have been demolition engineer or whatever you call 'em. That stuff is badass.

    I don't work in my parking deck. Maybe I work at the Milo's on the corner, eh? Mmm Mmm Good. Shootin' Milo's sauce all day long.

  5. working at Milo's would imply that you went to Alabama, so we know that's not true.