Monday, February 18

Saban's Character Recruit Arrested?

Luckily, It's Just a Two-Star

Photocredit: Tuscaloosa County Jail - Jeremy Elder - DE - Tide

Clearly the Barner presence on the Tuscaloosa and University police force is stronger than once thought. Because we all know that Saban only recruits character players, and redshirt freshman, Jeremy Elder was very clearly one of Nick's first non-Shula related commitments. It appears that former 2-star Elder, of beautiful and completely safe College Park, GA, has been arrested and charged with two, 5-star quality felonies...

TUSCALOOSA | University of Alabama football player Jeremy Elder was arrested Sunday and charged with two counts of first-degree robbery, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.

According to state law, first-degree robbery involves either a “deadly weapon or dangerous instrument” or someone causing “serious physical injury to another.” Both charges are Class A felonies.

I'm sure Saban will have a few strong words with all the attorneys, judges and police involved and quickly straighten out this obvious case of mistaken identity. The fact that Elder was recruited by a high-character guy like Nick Saban should certainly be alibi enough.

In the off chance that these charges are legit, Welcome to the thick of the Fulmer Cup Leaderboard, Bama (6 points). Recruiting isn't the only prestigious off-season National Championship. Just another reason why Bama's that much closer to being back.

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Update: Elder admits to the burglary and a lack of character []


  1. your sad obsession rears its ugly head again. numerous players get arrested everyday yet this is the first one i read about on here. don't get me wrong...this guys crime is so bad its become comical (all this for $26), and he deserves harsh punishment, but you're funny.

  2. "numerous players get arrested everyday"

    Very true. But none of those other guys have a head coach who is half the douchebag that Saban is. I just can't wait till Nick gets his character guys in the program and these types of arrests are a thing of the past. There's no room for this kind of thing at The Capstone.

  3. Maybe instead of using your free time to make a post about a player being arrested, you could spend some of that time working on your grammer:"I'm sure Saban will have a few strong word with all the attorneys, judges and police involved and quickly straighten out this obvious case of mistaken identity." Why don't you try making word plural and then your sentence will make sense.

  4. These doods gotta go ahead and start saving up for textbooks in the fall now that the Red Elephant Club can't help out. I don't blame Elder at all for doing what he did.


  5. i guess. until it becomes rampant, i.e. the vols this offseason, i just chalk it up to sheer odds and i'm not all that bothered by it. my fellow bama fans and i are really flattered by your concern though.

  6. If your going to go after someone's "grammer," you should work on your spelling.

  7. I'm not laughing at anyone's misfortune at this point:

    At least he wasn't arrested (this time).

  8. I can always tell when I've done my job when I start to get "grammer" and spelling type comments.

    True, this has been a rough week for many schools around the SEC. Is there any bigger waste of oxygen/God-given-talent than Ryan Perrilloux?

  9. It's becoming more serious each day, and the results aren't funny. It's an indictment against those of us that love the SEC. What I mean by that is the nation looks upon those of us living in the south as hicks and poorly educated souls that chew tobacco and watch game shows all day.

    When these kids representing our universities continue to make mistakes it shines a bad light upon themselves, their schools, our conference and our respective states.

    Fulmer Cup or otherwise, something has to be done to at least minimize these incidents.

  10. Elder to victims as he pulls gun: "What you got on my forty homie?"