Wednesday, February 13

The Kige Party

Don Juan DeRamsey weighs in on "Valentime's Day" gift ideas

Just cause I haven't featured everybody's favorite opinion maker in a few months (Contacts, Kige?)...

Outstanding and innovative opinions as always, Kige. Where does he get all these outlandish ideas?!? I for one know my significant other or wife would certainly be pleased with "a diamond ring or something." Unfortunately for all involved, we here at DeepSouthSports obviously do not allocate similar budgetary importance to "Valetime's Day" as our brethren at The Kige Ramsey Show.

Good luck tomorrow guys. And remember, don't try and be a hero or knock one out of the park...That can only lead to pain.


  1. Kige knows NOTHING! He predicted the Pats over the G-Men in a blowout. I shall no longer accept advice from Mr. Ramsey.

  2. I agree with the part about not trying to knock one out of the park, but be sure not to fall for the old "Oh, you don't have to get anything for me! Just be your usual, sweet self as always, etc. etc. etc." No matter how sincere she appears when she says that, DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT. It's a trap, or at least a test. And that also applies for Xmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and whole lot of other days you should know about by now.