Tuesday, February 26

Mindless Morning Youtubery - Off Season

Ben Affleck: Douchebag or Recovering Scrote?

You know, it's amazing how things can change in a weeks. I used to think Ben Affleck was a raging, gargantuan scrote-bag. Maybe it was the whole dating J-Lo the pseudo-musician and starring in turd-like, suckfest movies such as "Armageddon," "Jigli," "Daredevil," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and "Jersey Girl." All the while, his "best friend" is out there dating non-huge-assed pop star freak shows, staying out of the tabloids and actually making great f'n movies like "Rounders," "Ocean's 11," "The Departed," and The whole "Bourne" thing.

Affleck's looking pretty douchey by comparison, right? Not to mention, his brother Casey is a much better actor than he is. Sucks to be Ben, eh?

Now (and I know he's very excited about this) I've started to think, maybe Ben Affleck doesn't suck that bad after all...

First, I see "Gone Baby, Gone" (his directorial debut, as they say) over the weekend and it surprised the hell out of me. I actually thought it was really well made (same author as "Mystic River"). Then I turn on The Oscars and there his wife is actually looking attractive for once and she even comes across like a serious actress (not some "Alias" joke of a cable TV star whose audience is populated by lonely pervs eating Cheetos in their grippies)

Then, I saw Affleck and Kimmel deliver this Coup de grĂ¢ce to Damon f'er Sarah Silverman and on Oscar night. That's strong, to quite strong...

[Hat Tip: TheGodfreyShow]


  1. To quote the infamous Judge Lance Ito--"It's astonishing what we've sunk to here".

    Surely Nutt has provided you with some kind of blog-worthy scandal by now? Sorry, didn't mean to call you Shirley.

  2. Yeah. I meant to just show the video, but it got a little elongated, per usual.

    This is such a wasteland for real sports news. I was gonna do the Top 5 Bama arrests of the Saban Regime, but I don't want the Tiders to think I have a thing for them, plus real life is a bitch lately. You'll have to excuse me.

  3. So when did you let your domain lapse and this site was reformed from Bama hate to a Hollywood blog?

  4. Ben is still a douche. Kimmel's a douche too. I'd do Sarah Silverman. Now that we've discussed the mostly irrelevant, let's get back to some SEC football!

  5. Its the off-season give the guy a break. And just to clarify did the skit revert your change of thinking back to YES Ben Affleck is a "scrote-bag" or did it reinforce the notion that he maybe be getting better? Althought the sketch was funny make no mistake he is and always will be a huge sweaty scrote-bag.

  6. Wow, this is how you leave it, Ben Fucking Affleck. Are you kidding me. Shame really.

  7. nah...Affleck is still a sweaty ball-hugging manteet smoker. And, Matt Damon is a dickhead too. They belong with each other. I am looking forward Matt's career tanking, keep in mind, Matty boy has been in as many bad movies as he's been in good ones. .500 record at best. Afflack - .125 win/loss percentage.
    1 good movie - School Ties, where he is little more than an extra but he plays a Jew-hating bigot (as did Matt Damon as well) it was a good movie, Ben's character just had to look bored, insensitive, and ignorant, (like all bigots), he didn't have to say anything, which he didn't, WHICH WAS BRILLIANT!!!