Friday, December 19

Bama Sex Worker of the Week

Leslie R. Parker - making all your Mike Price/Mike Dubose fantasies come true

And no, Alana Colete Connell was not listed among the alleged SabaNation Street-Walker Society. Get your mind out of gutter, Barner...

Montgomery police arrested seven women and three men during a prostitution sting Wednesday.

The detail targeted prostitutes who conduct their operations using the Internet or telephone, police said.

Undercover officers were able to set up meetings with women at a hotel in the area.

The possibilities are pretty much endless here.

"Yes, Maam...What package? ... Oh, I'll start off with the SJPW 'Bama Bangs', with a side of 'The Snake' and...hmmm... does that include The Namath 'I wanna kiss you'?"

Link: Not a Julia Roberts in this bunch

[HT: Keith]


  1. She kinda looks a little like Nutt's wife; except she's a better dresser.

    Go Texas Tech!

  2. Minus the ugly crimson jersey, this little broad is a hot little number if I do say so myself! My mother is hotter though.