Monday, December 1

If You'd Like to Play Ole Miss in A Bowl Game, Please Stand Up

This is what you have to look forward to...

Yeah, the music gets a bit repetitive. Who knew little Ole Miss could play with such swagger?

Bowl possibilities:

Capital One (in Orlando) vs. Ohio State or Michigan State: I would love for Ole Miss to be the third SEC team in as many years to embarrassed that sweater-vested douchebag from THE Ohio State. This is a dream scenario. Michigan State isn't sexy in the least, but they could say goodbye to that running game (The SEC's MSU had negative 51 yards rushing in the Egg bowl)

Cotton Bowl vs. Texas Tech: This would also be a fun matchup. Tons of effeminate Ole Miss fans are skeerd of the likes of TTU, because pass defense is not exactly the Rebs specialty, but I say Peria Jerry would eat a piece of that dainty little Graham Harrell's soul every time he dropped back and jumped around the backfield. I say bring it. Land Sharks, baby.


  1. ole miss better pray to the god of skinny punks they get a big 10 matchup and not a big 12 matchup. texas tech would crush them...and likely any other sec team not named florida.

  2. Like they crushed Oklahoma and The 4-7 Baylor Bears?

    Check out "Paper Tiger" in the encyclopedia and you'll see the picture of a silly little Red Raider.

    Don't look now, but Ole Miss' defense is a hell of a lot better than Oklahoma's.

    The Numbers

    TTU is this season's Hawaii.

  3. willing to make a blogger wager??

    ps-i didn't even look at "the numbers."

  4. That's smart of you to ignore the facts, gerry.

    Sure, If they indeed play each other: Ole Miss wins, you paypal me $20. Texas Tech wins, I paypal you $20.

  5. deal.

    facts can be deceiving brotha. i've seen enough of both teams with my own two eyes to know.

  6. Will you look at the BS that is spewed from the mouth of one who's team has finally got a winning record in what 5 years.

    Reading your rants; it seems that the sorry assed Weebals are going on to play for the National Championship..........of what, Eastern Miss.?

    Those defenses better be on their toes when playing those Weebals; just in case they open up in Wild Weebal formation. That formation is just as effective as gays getting into their "circle jerk" stance and running plays deep into their boyfriends bottoms.

    Take that Chuckles.

  7. quite the highbrowed wordsmith, aren't we You TOOL?

    I bow to your wisdom.

  8. You are this excited over a win over Miss St.? I am going to go out on a limb and say both Michigan St. and Ohio St. have better offenses than Miss St.

  9. The MSU QBs have mastered the art of running out of a well-formed pocket and into an end who is being blocked around that pocket. They are awful, Croom is/was awful and dear God am I glad Alabama didn't hire him to satisfy some affirmative action notion of "the right thing to do."

  10. Why the name change from Floridan Blogger, You TOOL?

  11. Steve said...

    "Why the name change from Floridan Blogger, You TOOL?"

    Different people my friend.

    I have a motto; if Erik can't make us laugh by constantly beating up on Alabama fans using his oh so worn out regular feature "Bama Fan of the Week"; I'm going to do my best to make us all laugh when I point out his douchebaggery.

    How do you like them apples Chuckles?

  12. Here's a bit of Erik's past douchebaggery:

    Do any of you remember his July 31st post? You know the one that Finebaum like so much.

    Here's a little taste:

    Thursday, July 31
    Top 10 Reasons Bama Ain't "Back" In 2008

    Let's start with No. 10 shall we:

    To quote "Ereek the Football Soothsayer"

    10. What does "Bama's Back" even mean these days? In my humble definition it would mean at least, "back to Atlanta," and that's a tall order for such an underwhelming group.

    That's an oldie but a goodie; but oh there's more.....let me slip in a little bit of No. 8 here:

    8. The Players appear to hate playing football for Saban. They're not having fun and they most certainly quit on his 4 million dollar ass in two-thousand-saban.

    Now let's add in a bit of No. 6.....

    6. Saban has developed a reputation, and it's not a good one. Forget his reputation in the media, how does his obtuseness (putting it kindly) effect the program on-the-field? Well, why do you think he always seems to hire supposed "young, up-and-comers" as "coordinators?" Because nobody already worth a shit will work for him. To have a great program, you must have great assistants (see: Tommy Tuberville).

    Chuckles are you for real? "See Tommy Tuberville" am I quoting you right? I saw Tommy on Saturday and he looked a bit befuddled; am I wrong here?

    If you readers think that I'm making this comedy up please go click this link:

    'Dose are some sour grapes ain't they Chuckles; what hath happened to your Crystal Ball?

    More to come folks; more to come.

  13. Yeah, I think somebody is pulling a chair up the the table for a LARGE helping of crow.

    Question: Is there a bigger Florida fan in the WORLD right now than Erik?

  14. Stephen

    I don't know if he's a big fan of Florida for that matter; but it seems that he's a huge fan of any team that will beat Alabama.

    But if you read No. 10 above to quote the soothsayer, "What does "Bama's Back" even mean these days? In my humble definition it would mean at least, "back to Atlanta," and that's a tall order for such an underwhelming group."

    I'm waiting to see if he is going to stick with his "humble definition" of "Bama's Back".

    I'm waiting........Chuckles.

  15. Good night sweet Prince of Auburn Football; we hardly knew ye..........

    Tommy just got fired.

    Pain on the Plains

  16. It's hilarious that some guy's blog needles so many of you so much. Do you really think he's cowering and chewing his nails because of some success on the field by Alabama football?

    For a bunch of folks who continually thump their chests that their program is the pinnacle of college football, Alabama fans sure do seem insecure. It sounds as if your manhood depends on it.

  17. Steve, that was awesome man. You're so freakin smart, you nailed us. D-bag.

  18. I just think it's funny they've convinced themselves he's an Auburn fan.