Monday, December 8

Bama Fan of the Week

Little known Van Zant sister, Tina is an avid supporter of the Tide as well as Bass Pro Shop Grand Openings [HT: Darren]

Another excellent reader submission for you. Keep up the strong recon, Darren. I've been warned that the new Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, AL is a veritable cornucopia of crimson comedy. (It's either bass pro, or some random Boat/Outdoors show at the BJCC) However, I never expected this.

Is that even considered a mullet anymore? Ladies, you tell me. It looks like it could be on a Pantene commercial. What do you make of shim?


An embarrassment of riches this week. As opposed to posting a third "BFOTW" in three days, I'll simply slip in this lovely reader submitted pic of a prosperous and permed pachyderm...

Somebody's bringing sexy back, and this ain't no proletariat-mullet either [see: top of the post]. Check out that watch, MFer! Notice the hair product. You think he just falls out of his custom, heart shaped water-bed looking like that?

According to our reader, this 80's holdover scored himself some prime-time seats at the Iron Bowl. Interesting...

"Erik, This guy was sitting next to me at the Iron Bowl... Wonderful mullet, Kentucky [ and/or Tuscaloosa] Waterfall like you wouldn't believe, maybe the best part is that this dude was sitting on the 50yd line."
Major credit, Phil. These couldn't be Auburn fans sitting in this Tide Pride section, right? Does this mean Tiders are starting to eat their own?


  1. A double dose of the "Bama Fan of the Week" I'm so excited I could go through 2 or 3 pairs of Depends today.

    WOW.........we never saw that coming.

    Go Red Raiders......Go Texas Tech!

  2. Dude, find a Tide blog. Seriously.

  3. Tool, if you can't look at those pictures and laugh, Tide fans or not, you either have no sense of humor or simply suck at life.

  4. I had always wondered what became of Billy Squire. Good to see he's still around.