Tuesday, October 24

Ole Miss' New Stadium Video

A Special Version of M.J.'s Thriller

Bama shows classic clips of "The Bear."

Auburn plays "Eye of The Tiger."

South Carolina plays "2001."

VA Tech runs in to "Enter Sandman."

And The Ole Miss Rebels now have...This...

Talk about Shock and Awe!


  1. That was retarded. I thought it wold have something to do with Ole Miss. But maybe it did late in the clip, I couldn't watch more than half.

  2. Well...he's wearing a red suit.

    I don't care who you are...that's a great video.

    WARNING: Posting is light these days to to insane work load.

    It will get better.

  3. Weak. Very weak.

  4. that has nothing to do with ole miss.

    how did you miss out on the ole miss drug bust? I mean really? 5 players suspended, your coach pretending that he didn't hear about it for 5 days so they could play against arkansas. This web site is dead to me.

  5. My Momma always told me to stay away from Anonymous Blog Posters.

    They're like unknown sex offenders!

    "This web site is dead to me."

    Harsher words have never been spoken!