Monday, October 2

Screw Brent Schaeffer - Ole Miss has Anthony Rodgers

Taken From Anthony's Bio:'s Missouri First team all-sophmore quarterback
MSHSAA District 3 First Team all-state
Freshman Stats-(6 games)
23 TDs, 1INT
87-113 passes completed
1246 passing yards
194 Rushing Yards- 2 Rusing TDs
* Projected Top 25 1-A College Recuit(Verbal Commitment to University of Mississippi)

Class of 2008?!? I always knew that Orgeron had an eye for talent, but this is just rediculous.

MUST SEE: Anthony's High School Tape

Despite the awesome workout closeups, Anthony has alot of things going for him. He doesn't even bother with those silly pads, helmet or even shoes, much less click, clack cleats.

His passes are always on the money, and he has never been stopped on a scramble. (Eat your heart out Schaeffer)

However, after viewing the footage several times, a few technical problems caught my eye.

He's playing with himself in his parents' backyard. Also, I haven't seen his test scores, but I think he's slightly retarded.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Plus, his needs to learn how to protect the football on those QB keepers.

Overall, I give Anthony 4-stars. A good pickup, O.


  1. That video reminds me of Uncle Rico's video in Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. That kids got a lot of heart. He was pumped when that imaginary receiver caught the pass.