Friday, September 29

Fotoshop Friday and The National Blogpoll

A Twofer!

This one took me a second - Classic! - Found on

- The ACC finally gets a team in the top 10...Yep, it's the Hokies (who knew they would dominate this league?)

- It's been nice, TCU. Maybe next year you'll play in a pseudo-meaningful bowl. (losing a single game, when outside of the Power conferences, is a death sentence. If you're Notre Dame, you can lose at least 3 games and make a BCS bowl. Them's the rules)

- Another great weekend of SEC action. I'd take anything after last weekend's girly little lineup.

UT @ Memphis - 11am on ESPN - Memphis won this game for the first time eva, a decade ago at the Liberty Bowl. Will lightning strike twice?...No. UT covers big.

LSU @ MSU - 11:30am on JP/LF - MSU lost to Tulane, 32-29 and Tulane lost to LSU, 49-7 = Fugly day for The Black Coaches Association of America. LSU covers.

Bama @ Florida - 2:30pm on CBS - The Big Rematch! Two offensive masterminds: Urban Meyer and Mike Shula. Well, I thought Florida would kick there ass last year, but we all know the drill: 31-3 and Bama's Back! This is the first bowl elidigble team (from 2005) that Bama has faced, and by far the best defense. F it, I'm still gonna say that this will be the second signature loss for Shula in as many weeks.

Georgia @ Ole Miss - 8pm on ESPN2 - Georgia wins pretty big but doesn't cover (-19). Ole Miss will bench Schaeffer in favor of his walk-on, back up, Seth Adams who actually has decent showing.

Central Time Zone (the official time zone of SEC football)

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