Thursday, July 6

SEC - ACC Football Challenge

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Personally, I don't think the conference offices would go for this (because nobody has any balls anymore), but how sweet would this be?

The SEC vs The ACC heads up. One non conference game per team per year. A SEC division vs an ACC division. Play it the first or second weekend of the season.

Yeah, that's some must see TV. Here's the scoop:

Depending on the prior season's conference results...

SEC East - ACC Coastal

Georgia - Virginia Tech
S. Carolina - Miami
Florida - Georgia Tech
Vanderbilt - North Carolina
Tennessee - Virginia
Kentucky - Duke

SEC West - ACC Atlantic

Auburn - BC
Alabama - Clemson
Arkansas - NC State
Miss. State - Maryland
Ole Miss - Wake

The two divisions that won their respective conference championship games would play the best team from the division that did not win the conference championship and so on.


Here's an example of how The '06 Challenge would shake out...

Georgia won the SEC so they would host Virginia Tech who lost in the ACC Championship
Florida State won the ACC so they would host LSU

The host site would alternate from SEC to ACC as you work your way from 2nd place to 6th place within the division.

So, #2 west - Auburn would host #2 atlantic - Boston College
and #2 coastal - Miami would host #2 east - South Carolina


Alabama @ Clemson
Georgia Tech @ Florida


NC State @ Arkansas
Vanderbilt @ North Carolina


Miss. St @ Maryland
Virginia @ Tennessee


Wake Forrest @ Ole Miss
Kentucky @ Duke

Since the NCAA has moved us to a 12 game schedule this year, this would be a great permanent fix. Obviously, we would have some kinks to work out of Florida matched up with Florida St etc. Also, no SEC or ACC school would agree to have two or more away games in consecutive years. Now we're messing with the bottomline. Not to worry! These are mere speedbumps on the road to bigger and better things. These issues can be easily overcome.

This would be one less headache for ADs scrambling to make the OOC schedule, and make for some seriously exciting early season matchups. I know I'd be glued to the tube. Geographically and financially, I can't see a reason not to do this.

It would take a lot of convincing with the Presidents because, let's face it, this might be too much fun and it could bruise some egos along the way.

It may seem like common sense to you and me but so does aCollege Football Playoff.

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  1. I fully agree. BCS has killed any reason to play difficult non conference games. As long as you schedule 4 mid majors and win, you're still in like flynn.