Monday, July 24

Surviving the Off Season - Greatest Video Ever : A Tribute to Journey's "Separate Ways"

This video represents everything that is right about the 80s. However, most of these images are still preserved today here in The Deep South. The band could have just as easily filmed this video circa 2006 at the Dairy Queen in Dothan, Alabama (of which I patronized yesterday).

Journey shows that you don't need a big budget and silly special effects to make a quality piece. Mullets and vintage 'staches work their ever-so-subtle magic, while the rock-and-roll stereotypes complete the equation. Tennessee fans will appreciate lead singer, Steve Perry's checkerboard endzone wife-beater accompanied by jeans that appear to be styled by Speedo.

However, don't be confused...This group may look like a band of homeless homosexuals, but they rock it hard. Almost too hard.

Note the Intensity...The Drama...The Head Whips and the Air Keyboard.

What words can I use to sum up this experience?

Innovative...Pure Genius...

Behold Journey's Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

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