Sunday, July 16

Caddy-gate - An Insider's View

This is an excerpt from an exchange I had with a recent Auburn scholarship athlete. This Tiger Baller played on one of the "Big 3" sports teams, and he makes some interesting points about the way things really are:

It's not some conspiracy or anything like that. This is how it works- The academic counselors for the athletic teams (headed by Virgil Starks) definitely stay close to the students to find out what courses are difficult, what teachers are difficult, what majors are difficult, etc., just like any fraternity or anything else does. So, for the student-athletes that want to know what the easiest road is, they research and tell them and schedule them. Hence, all of the criminology and sociology majors in the athletic teams. This isn't unique to Auburn, it happens EVERYWHERE. This idiot just decided to tell the freaking New York Times.


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