Thursday, July 27

The SEC: Best Football AND Best Tail?

I've Been Accused Of Not Having Enough Eye Candy on the Site, so here you go...

I dare anyone to challenge the beautiful coeds of The SEC.

I've tricked a beautiful Auburn girl into dating me, so that might be why I'm not so concerned about the Eye Candy Factor of my blog (plus she knows the url and I don't want to be in the doghouse). Even so, it's hard not to admire the best of what The Deep South has to offer.

The above Ole Miss ladies are posed in front of the famed catfish and live music Mecca outside Oxford known as Old Taylor Grocery. This legendary restaurant gets the award for The Best Old-School Deep South Eats, but don't even attempt to make it there on game weekends. The secret is certainly out.

Credit to the Ole Miss Pikes for bringing this calendar to the public for many years.


  1. Stuff is getting better...

  2. Now all we need to do is get pics of these coeds in bikinis for rebelgrove

  3. You are my hero. Do you think they would be up for playing in my new film, Go deep and pull out...

  4. So many wide receiver and tight end jokes come to mind...I'll bet a few of those lovely ladies would work with ya, Chuck.

    That is, if they weren't already starring in my upcoming college football related film called "The Hand Off."

  5. Wow, pretty raunchy there Chuck Nasty. WAR EAGLE!!!