Wednesday, July 26

Troy University: Don't Ask...Don't Tell

Sports Illustrated uncovers a nasty scene at Troy University. Some might call it a Trojan orgy, but the team calls it a "slip'n slide"...

Troy linemen decide to come clean about their "locker room feelings"

On my recent trip to The Riviera, I drove through this lovely rest-stop known as Troy, AL, and it was boring but not this boring.

As a University known for putting out some of the latest and greatest in Venereal Disease, I hope, for the photographer's sake, that the white goo they are wallowing in is anti-bacterial soap.

This indisputable evidence flies in the face of anyone who as ever said offensive linemen don't get ass.



  1. Umm...yeah.
    That's just wrong. Why can't we get pics of Ole Miss Coeds by the pool? That's what I want. I may just have to drive back down there.

  2. thats why this blog has not gone national yet, cheerleaders in that position would be awesome, O linemen not cool.

  3. Sorry I couldn't facilitate your "Spank Bank" needs Anon guy...

    Guess I'll change the site to DeepSouthPorn, then maybe I can go "national!"

    And I just thought I needed to make better/more frequent updates!