Friday, July 28

That's Why We Call Him The Riverboat Gambler

Some classic Tubby footage from his days in Oxford

Tommy Tuberville earned his nickname in games like this 1997 Egg Bowl (also see 1996 @ Georgia). This was during the recent renaissance in the Battle for the Golden Egg (Read: State didn't Suck for a short period) when the game was actually on Thanksgiving night, and it was actually on the damn TV!

Thanks, State (5 consecutive suck ass seasons). ESPN recently dumped The Egg Bowl for "The Backyard Brawl". Whatever the hell that means.

Damn You, Yankees!

Anyway, In this clip, Tuberville reaches down deep and pulls out some serious sack! Then he places it squarely on the chin of Jackie Sherrell.

This is Deep South Football Passion at it's peak!


P.S. - There's some sweetass, intersquad fight footage at the beginning of this clip...


  1. That's why I love Tuberville. Kind of weird rooting for Ole Miss. WAR EAGLE!!!

  2. Going for 2 down 1 with 25 seconds. Then a short kick off against a team with a great kicker. That is the equivalent of going all in with 7 2 off suit. Blind squirrel.

  3. Well, Tuberville must have stacked the deck.

    On the other hand, firing Mike Price must have been the equivalent of folding a Full House for you Bama fans!

    Shula got alota lucky flops last season (Ole Miss, Tennessee) and now we will see if he's really got the stuff to make it in this league. Skill always trumps luck in the long run.

  4. Why was this clip so long? I pretty much watched a 7 minute clip for a 25 second fight, a 8 second 2 point conversion, a 4 second kick off, and 13 seconds of M.S. with the ball.

    COuld have cut this down to 1 minute, I would have not wasted 6 minutes of my life.

  5. Too bad that 2-point conversion call was Noel Mazzone's high point as an offensive coordinator. He was rockin' a classic stache though, you've got to hand him that.

    Also, that was a classic example of how much Tuberville and Sherrill hated each other - you could barely call that a handshake at the end.

    War Eagle!