Thursday, July 27

SEC Media Days

Coaches and Players Try to Act All P.C. and Repeat Tons of Stuff We Already Know

Here's some links to all things SEC Media Days. They've got hours of video, audio and bios on all the coaches, programs, players, baby's mommas, etc...


SEC SPORTS (includes video)


ESPN Chimes In on the Event - Gene Wojciechowski takes some pretty funny shots at crazed Bama fans

My favorite:

Ole Miss 2nd year Coach Orgeron proves that he's actually human with a surprisingly friendly interview. (Don't tell Orson or fans of LSU, MSU or the rest of the SEC for that matter)

Personally, I can't believe The Orgeron didn't field any questions about rumors of microwaving kittens or torturing recruits in his basement.

An unknown recruit experiences Orgeron's "Commitment Machine" (credit)

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