Monday, January 8

BCS Championship Game

Where's The Hype?

Could Fox do a worse job of promoting the BCS National Championship game? I feel like there has been zero hype this season.

"Why is that, Erik?"

1. ESPN/ABC/Disney doesn't care - because they aren't hosting the BCS anymore. And if they didn't get to show the games, what's the point in covering college football anymore. The Championship is dead to them. They blew their collective wad on the Snoozer we call The Rose Bowl because that was the biggest game they bought. (They ALWAYS referred to it as the "Grand Daddy of them All". As if to say, "We may not have the big game this year, but we don't care...ours is The GRAND DADDY!!! So Naah!") Obviously, Fox has not learned, or doesn't have the avenue, to hype like the used car salesmen at ESPN.

2. WTF? The playoffs are everywhere - The reason the NFL can get away with having the Super Bowl two weeks after the end of the playoffs is because they're isn't another gosh darn thing to watch. (College basketball is just heating up, and the NBA could go on strike for a year and nobody in these parts would even know) However, the climax of College Football gets decapitated by wild card playoff weekend. What a tease! Tonight's Championship game seems to be an afterthought on the national scene, when It should take center stage! Example: USA Today's Sports page has a small article below the fold about "Ohio Coaching Roots" - Who give a rat's?

3. That dumbass ladder climbing ad - Why is the one dude helping pull his teammate up the ladder? IT'S A FREAKIN' LADDER! Use the rungs, A-hole.

Quickly, I don't feel good about it but, you know I'll be pulling for Florida. UF 34- OSU 31.

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