Wednesday, January 3


Things I'm sick of...

White (adulterous) Trash?

Used Car Salesman?

Like the rich, old, drunk at Sammy's, Mal finally scammed a stripper into going home with him. Score! I just hope he didn't get something Ajax can't wash off.

How much do you wanna bet that Saban hates his new boss, before he even arrives in T-town.

Ok...Now that's just funny

Who is the raging a-hole that pumps out this crap?

Does anybody else think that Saban backed himself into a corner? Albeit, a very profitable corner. Would Dolphins fans have ever gotten over this if he decided to stay?

Imagine for a second that you said a little something like this to your wife/girlfriend/owner:

"Baby... You know I like you, and that I'm legally/morally committed to you... and the last few years have been pretty neat...but...well, OK, this other chick just got done with a nasty divorce...She's really in a bad place right now...also, she's got tons of money and she's all up on my jock! I don't know what to do!


Does she look better than you?

Well...she's a little used up, high maintenance, and well she's kinda got that former-prom-queen mentality, oh and her Family is I said, she's got money, and I just thought I should talk to know, see what she thinks about our future together.

She really wants me bad, and I just think it would be poor taste to just turn her away!

Yeah, I told her 'No!' several times but she keeps throwing herself at me...It's crazy!

I know, she's, like, REALLY desperate, right?

I hope this won't effect our relationship if I have dinner with her.


The Alabama Job - Rough Equivalent of Sifler's Mom


  1. so would you have taken the job? 40 mil--- it's not every day people get that much money to leave their spouse.

  2. Hell no, I wouldn't take the money. Haven't you seen the E, True Holleywood Story about Powerball winners?

    They go from paint can sealer at the Home Depot to Multi-Millionaire overnight.

    They all get divorced, addicted to Crack, yellow gold jewelery and cheap sluts.

    It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Mo money, mo problems.